Top 11 Best Functional Fitness Equipment for Your Home Gym

Functional Fitness Equipment

Functional fitness equipment differs from your normal home gym equipment. From kettlebells and resistance bands to body weight leverage trainers, the focus on whole-body training requires targeted gear. This guide provides a breakdown of why functional fitness equipment is different, the types of gear, and the top 11 best to consider when building a functional fitness-focused gym.

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Functional fitness is a physical fitness philosophy that emphasizes how muscle groups work together during daily activities around the home or office. It also emphasizes sports that you participate in regularly. This type of exercise can help you remain healthy and have a better quality of life by avoiding injuries from everyday activities.

Isolation vs. Full Body

Functional fitness equipment can include resistance bands, battle ropes and indoor rowing machines. The difference between functional equipment and standard equipment is that this type of equipment works more than one group of muscles at once. Standard gym equipment works a muscle group in isolation. However, as we go about our daily routine, we rarely use a single muscle group in isolation without engaging others.

Functional Fitness Blends Well With Other Workouts

Functional fitness philosophy prepares you for daily life. You can combine that this type of exercise routine with other kinds of strength, aerobic, and CrossFit programs. This is an excellent type of fitness program for older adults to prevent injury and keep them healthy as they age. It is also an excellent addition or younger people who want to add something new to their routine.

Focused to Overall Health vs. Health Goals

Another way functional exercise is different from standard training programs is that often with conventional training, you are doing it to reach a goal. You may be training for a marathon, or to perform well during the next sports season. Functional exercise philosophy is ongoing. It does not stop after you reach a specific goal. You can either choose to stay at a certain point and maintain your fitness level or continue to push to higher levels of fitness. Either way, you will achieve better overall health by engaging in this type of fitness program. The philosophy is fitness for life, rather than to reach a short-term goal.

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