Top 11 Best Under Desk Bike Pedal and Elliptical Exercisers

Under Desk Exerciser

From the annals of weird fitness, an under desk bike or elliptical exerciser is a great way to stay healthy while working. This is especially true during times where you might have long hours/work deadlines or are required to stay at home. This guide walks you through why you need an under desk exerciser, the differences between under desk bikes and ellipticals, and top 11 best under desk bikes and elliptical exercisers to choose from.

Why You Need an Under Desk Exerciser

The top reasons you need a desk exerciser are to stay healthy, lose weight, tone up, and stay active. It is no secret that a sedative lifestyle can be unhealthy. To be sure your health is great, you can stay fit and active all while sitting.

Healthy Living

Whether you are working or have to sit at a desk for long periods it can take a toll on your overall health. In general, an under desk workout machine allows you to incorporate movement into your daily sitting routine. It is a convenient way to keep your body active while sitting.

In particular, cardio health is key. With a mini exerciser, you can do cardio and aerobic exercises. These exercises help to burn fat and calories which can lead to weight loss. The more cardio exercises you do, the stronger your heart becomes. Stronger hearts have to work less hard to pump blood throughout your body.

For instance, increased activity with a desk exerciser can potentially reduce your risk of medical conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

Consequently, prolonged sitting can cause muscle tiredness, cramping, and fatigue. To help break this monotony, a mini exerciser can be useful. It may not seem noticeable to you, but a less active lifestyle can have long term negative effects.

Tone Your Body

Another reason you need an under desk exercise is to help tone your body. The more calories you burn, the more weight you lose. When you lose excess weight, you have the ability to better tone your body.

When you continuously use a desk exerciser it will begin to work certain muscle groups to form better tone and definition. In particular, your leg muscles should show more definition and strength over time.

In addition, other areas of your body that can be improved and toned are your calves, hamstrings, hip flexors, and your quadriceps. You can also improve your core muscles while working out. To obtain the maximum core results, the chair you decide to use also plays a major part.

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