Coaches Corner: How MMA Fighter Training Can Get You In The Best Shape of Your Life

How Combat Sports Help

In short, someone involved in combat-based sports sees the whole body changing, and it has a long-term impact as well. The overall process of stamina building is a little tricky. You need to start with some simple exercises, and then you can move to complex and heavier exercises that will help you improve your strength and stamina. In MMA fighter training, we have seen that the workouts are relatively intense. This intense workout is not just limited to the physical health benefits but the mental health benefits.

Most people think that combat-based training is all about self-defense. However, trainers within the combat industry explained that it helps you get disciplined in life and choose a healthy lifestyle as well. This is the reason more parents are now getting their kids enrolled in martial arts classes they feel it will help them with parenting as well.

With the help of this article, you will be able to know in detail about some of the best ways you can work out for MMA fights that will get you in shape. Apart from this, we will also discuss why MMA fighter training is much better than normal workouts. We will also address the benefits that are connected with MMA workouts.

MMA Fighter Training for Beginners and Professionals 

MMA is pretty diverse, which is the reason why when you start the practice, it will take you around 2 to 3 months just to perfect the technique. Most instructors start with simple maneuvers that help the body develop strength and endurance.

Once the body gets ready, then they try to teach each maneuver that can be used individually. After that, fighters are taught punching combinations of different maneuvers so that they can defend or attack someone. After this, the next step is to work on speed, which is done only when the same thing is repeated, and the body develops muscle memory. In the end, strategy is tested, which means that fighters get into dual matches where they can perform and prove that they have worked well. Some of the best exercises that can help you with MMA training include:


Jogging is great for the body because it is one of the most effective forms of exercise. You can customize it completely by altering the speed, time as well as distance. Jogging is pretty understated, but you will see that you can easily burn calories, improve the capacity of your lungs, and it boosts endurance. Overall, jogging is a functional exercise that will help you improve your lifestyle as well.


Perfect for people who are flabby, overweight, or old. Swimming is recommended for senior grapplers as this helps them work on their weight loss, endurance, and joint pain. The best thing about swimming is the fact that it improves muscle movement, and water doesn’t let you put pressure on your joints.


Yoga is another functional exercise that will help you open your muscles. It reduces the likelihood of injury, and it is perfect for your mat performance as well. With yoga poses only, you will be able to see a major improvement in your performance.

Strength Training

Strength training is very important because you don’t want to lose motivation or feel tired when you are on the mat. For strength training, you should lift some weight because this will help you improve your muscle health.

Strength and Flexibility

One of the major issues that you will face in older age, and even if your lifestyle is not organized, is the fact that you will start to feel like you are either getting injured very easily or you are tired. With the help of clandestine exercises, you will eventually notice an improvement in flexibility as well as strength. 

Benefits of MMA Workout

It is becoming pretty evident that more people are now getting interested in MMA fighter training. Even fitness trainers are recommending MMA-based maneuvers in workouts so that they can speed up the progress. The best thing about MMA is that it gets results. Some of the main reasons people prefer MMA over other exercises include:

  • MMA helps in engaging the whole body, which amplifies the metabolism rate and burns more calories.
  • The MMA workout is very diverse and interesting, which helps in engaging the fighter, and you will get better results even without realizing that you have been working hard.
  • MMA workout helps in improving the overall body function by making the movement effortless. The best thing is that MMA exercises are pretty functional.
  • MMA workouts are known for discipline, which is the reason people of all ages want to try them.
  • MMA is very good for self-defense which means you can feel safer and defend yourself as well as the people around you.
  • Research also explains that MMA is great for emotional balance, especially helps in developing empathy and regard.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, the scope of MMA is pretty diverse. Most people try to limit the scope to just self-defense, but in real life, it offers much better results than other exercises. If you look at the workout, you will see that it engages the whole body, which is pretty beneficial.

Apart from this, MMA changes the lifestyle. Even if you are not interested in healthy living, you will find yourself selecting healthy food and a more active lifestyle. Most people say that MMA has helped them specifically because it is fun, and when you are learning something new, you engage in a better lifestyle. It is also easy to track the progress as you focus on one maneuver at a time.

This Coaches Corner is brought to you by Ann Edwards of Elite Sports. Ann Edwards is a fully qualified personal trainer. She has been helping people in the field of bodybuilding and fitness for more than a decade using her nutrition and physical therapy background.

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