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Whether you are a beginner, experienced, or returning to a healthy lifestyle… we urge everyone to speak with their healthcare provider to determine the right activities and levels for their body.

Meet The Team

Will Foster – CEO (Chief Enthusiasm Officer)

Despite having a real passion for fitness, my fitness journey didn’t get started until later in life.  I was quite obese for most of my childhood and as an adult.  My weight yo-yo’d for years, and I always ended up on the heavy side no matter what.  

Luckily, I decided to do a triathlon mostly out of spite in June of 2012.  After telling a couple of very fit members of my wife’s family I was thinking about doing one, I was met with some major eye rolls and skepticism.  That was the moment that steeled my determination to prove them wrong. 

In their defense, I was very heavy and a smoker at the time, so the odds weren’t in my favor!  The triathlon was only two months away, and I was extremely unprepared. However, despite all that, I got in daily workouts with Brad Staples, one of the other team members here at My Top Fitness (who also talked me into doing the triathlon with him).  I was able to finally quit smoking (it turns out endurance sports and smoking don’t mix!), and I completed a sprint course triathlon without stopping a single time in August of 2012!  

This, luckily, set me on a path of fitness that I still enjoy to this day.   I enjoy running, lifting, backpacking, skiing, cycling, hiking, kayaking, climbing, and just about anything active, especially if it’s outside.   I have a beautiful wife and two great kids that also enjoy getting outside and being active. 

I am currently working on my personal training and nutrition certification, and I cannot wait to see how many folks we can help reach their top fitness as well!

Brad Staples – Chief Financial Officer

Father of 2, USA wrestling Coach, and Heads up Certified Football Coach

Jordan – Chief Marketing Officer

I have been a lifelong fitness student and enthusiast ever since winning the gold at conference in the 100 butterfly and 200 IM back in my “glory days.” I am also a writer and the marketing wizard here at My Top Fitness.

I have an ever-growing list of interests, including swimming, running, golf, bowling, speedcubing, speed running (old Nintendo games), locksport, cooking, chess, tournament poker, fishing, hiking, camping, and sleight of hand, just to name a few. On some platforms, you can find me as the self-appointed “Jack of all Hobbies”

I am a proud husband and father of 2 children, a.k.a. gremlins, and I am super excited to help as many people as possible on their individual fitness journeys.

Guest Contributors & Medical Reviewers

Dr. Steph Dorworth

 Dr. Steph Dorworth is a Physical therapist with specialty certifications in strength and conditioning (CSCS), nutrition (CNC), manual therapy (MTC), mobility, and Pilates. 

She is passionate about helping women gain confidence by building sustainable, healthy habits in an enjoyable way. She teaches others how to get fit and get paid freelancing on her website and Youtube channel.

Dr. Haris MBBS, RMP

Hi! I am Dr. Haris, a certified physician, and medical writer. I completed my MBBS degree from King Edward Medical University and am currently practicing medicine as a registered house physician in Mayo Hospital Lahore, Pakistan. My expertise is in treating chronic diseases. 

Being a fitness lover since my high school days, I have always devoted time to learning things that improve body health and wellness and have applied that knowledge in both the gym and the kitchen. This inclination has made me a nutrition and fitness expert, and I always love to guide my patients on how to adopt a good lifestyle for better health. 

I am also a freelance medical writer and have been writing on fitness and health-related topics for the past three years. I am currently affiliated with multiple health products websites working in the UK, USA, and India as a part of their medical experts’ panel. Contact me here: Linkedin

Angelica Avolio – Personal Trainer & Accredited Nutritionist

I am Angelica, a young Italian who decided to start traveling in her late teens. While traveling, I ended up in England, where I decided to stop for a while and to undertake an undergraduate degree in Food Science and Nutrition.

During these years, I also developed a passion for weight lifting, so I decided to take up a course to become a Level 2 Gym Instructor, which then later developed into a L3 Personal Training course. 

Fast forward three years, I then enrolled in a Master in Food Science and Biotechnology. During this year, I made a decision to open my own sports supplement company and to formulate my own products, which was a lot of fun until Covid hit, and with great sadness, I had to close down the company. But as the very positive individual I am, I thought that it was because the world had reserved better things for me! 

At the end of my studies, I then applied to become an accredited nutritionist within the UK, of which I currently hold the title, and I decided to follow my passion and start working in the fitness industry. 

I also gained a Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy, so I could take care of my clients in all aspects of their journey, from their nutrition and fitness all the way to their recovery. 

Between a client and a training session, I also write scientific articles on fitness and nutrition to try and share my passion and my knowledge with those who want to improve the quality of their life.