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Meet The Team

Will Foster – CEO (Chief Enthusiasm Officer)

Despite having a real passion for fitness, my fitness journey didn’t get started until later in life.  I was quite obese for most of my childhood and as an adult.  My weight yo-yo’d for years and I always ended up on the heavy side no matter what.  

Luckily, I decided to do a triathlon mostly out of spite in June of 2012.  After telling a couple of very fit members of my wife’s family I was thinking about doing one, I was met with some major eye rolls and skepticism.  That was the moment that steeled my determination to prove them wrong. 

In their defense, I was very heavy and a smoker at the time, so the odds weren’t in my favor!  The triathlon was only two months away, and I was extremely unprepared. However, despite all that, I got in daily workouts with Brad Staples, one of the other team members here at My Top Fitness (who also talked me into doing the triathlon with him).  I was able to finally quit smoking (it turns out endurance sports and smoking don’t mix!), and I completed a sprint course triathlon without stopping a single time in August of 2012!  

This luckily set me on a path of fitness that I still enjoy to this day.   I enjoy running, lifting, backpacking, skiing, cycling, hiking, kayaking, climbing, and just about anything active, especially if it’s outside.   I have a beautiful wife and two great kids that also enjoy getting outside and being active. 

I am currently working on my personal training and nutrition certification, and I cannot wait to see how many folks we can help reach their top fitness as well!

Brad Staples – CFO

Father of 2, USA wrestling Coach, and Heads up Certified Football Coach

Jordan – CMO

I have been a lifelong fitness student and enthusiast ever since winning the gold at conference in the 100 butterfly and 200 IM back in my “glory days.” I am also a writer and the marketing wizard here at My Top Fitness.

I have an ever-growing list of interests, including swimming, running, golf, bowling, speedcubing, speed running (old Nintendo games), locksport, cooking, chess, tournament poker, fishing, hiking, camping, and sleight of hand, just to name a few. On some platforms, you can find me as the self-appointed “Jack of all Hobbies”

I am a proud husband and father of 2 children, a.k.a. gremlins, and I am super excited to help as many people as possible on their individual fitness journeys.