What is HIT (High Intensity Training) and is it Right for You?


HIT (High Intensity Training) is an intense, no holds bare and low rest, workout methodology meant to push you to your limits… but is it right for you? This guide breaks down exactly what HIT is and what it isn’t. This includes differences between HIT and HIIT and how to start HIT training.

If you are looking for HIIT (HIT but with intervals of rest) check out the HIIT beginners guide or 22 great HIIT workouts. For those who want nonstop HIT action, keep reading!

What is HIT Training

HIT is a form of training that stands for high intensity training. It follows the ideology that one should work harder during a shorter interval period for the best results. Basically, in a nutshell — train harder, but quicker!

But how does this improve your fitness? When you push your body to its limit, you will also improve your stamina and muscular endurance over time. You may not be able to sustain this level of activity for long; however, this style trains you to adapt to this high intensity level. It will get easier over time, and you can reach your goals (strength and aesthetic) in even less time than you imagined.

High intensity training also improves your heart and lung function, as you’re mainly using your circulatory system when performing the workout so rapidly.

The key when doing this exercise is to keep your heart rate elevated and your muscles engaged. Use more weight and reduce your rest periods. Also, perform one set per exercise before moving onto the next.

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