Common Peloton Bike Problems and How to Fix Them

Have you ever struggled with your Peloton Bike? Do you have bike problems? Well, believe it or not, you’re not the only one. Peloton subscribers have often asked, is peloton down this morning? Common issues include navigating the tablet, the peloton sensor light not blinking, the peloton filter not working, and receiving a no command error. Frustrations with the experience are commonplace, and you might feel like giving up and joining a yoga class or dance cardio class instead but never fear. Most issues are network related, so before you replace your router or return your Peloton for a different stationary bike, check the steps in this guide.

This article explores common Peloton bike problems, bike errors, and related errors and further helps you to navigate the use of your Peloton bike. This article also helps you to fix common bike problems so you can get back to enjoying your home gym workout.

Peloton Bike App Freezes and Buffering Issues

App Freezes are a common type of Peloton bike problem. It is the “white screen of death.” There are communication issues between hardware and software. Customers have reported class buffering issues after the first year. This makes it difficult to stream video.

Class buffering prevents the video from stopping to load. This is because the networked component for the Peloton bike buffers the video. Buffering is defined as streaming the video ahead so that it plays continuously.

Peloton instructs subscribers to reboot, but many customers have rebooted, restored the operating system (OS), cleared the cache, and still report problems. Given that rebooting the system is a common response, you will need to do two things: test the speed and clear the cache. You can test the speed by tapping the WiFi symbol in the upper right corner of the screen. Once you arrive at the bottom of the screen, tap “Go.” To clear the cache, follow these steps:

Clear the Cache

  • 1: Tap the same WiFi symbol at the corner of the screen.
  • 2: Choose “Apps.” It will be the second grouping of options.
  • 3: Choose Peloton.
  • 4: Tap “Force Stop.”
  • 5: Accept the warning.
  • 6: Clear the cache.

Once you have followed these steps, then “Power” the bike. If this resolves your issue, you can spend your online time checking out Peloton bike accessories instead of fixing your bike.

Check Your Internet Connection and Speed

Buffering issues result also from technical problems with the content provider or the Internet service provider (ISP). Internet speed refers to the amount of data sent from source to player. While you may believe this is one of the core Peloton bike problems, it is actually related to the network the bike is on rather than the bike itself.

The Peloton bike runs on a “2.0GHz Mediatek MT8173 quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, and 16GB of internal storage, along with 802.11ac Wi-Fi, ANT+ wireless, Bluetooth, and 100Mbps Ethernet” ( It is this technology that sets it apart from the competition. However, the Internet speed for the Peloton bike applications may affect access to the Internet from home connections using desktop and mobile devices.

Peloton subscribers consistently report connection problems using down-link fiber internet, 250 GB connections, and hardwired LAN issues. Streaming in HD seems to be a great option for some managing buffering issues. The growing consensus favors checking your Peloton Bike Internet Connection Speed. Here is a two-minute video on how to check your connection speed.

Some buffering issues may be router-related. You may need to swap out an older TP-Link router with an ASUS RT-AC88U. A 2.4GHZ for the home network is ideal to resolve Peloton bike problems.

Thinking about making a switch?

If you want to consider Peloton Bike alternatives, check out the “Peloton Bike Alternatives – The Poor Mans Peloton Bike” step-by-step guide.

Peloton Bike Bluetooth Synchronization Issues

Peloton bike errors include technical issues with the headphone jack and live classes cutting into other live classes. Customers often report issues with sound coming from the monitor even though the headphones are inserted into the jack. There are also issues with Bluetooth synchronization with certain headphones.

The same steps for resolving class buffering issues and app freezes are useful for resolving bike errors regarding Bluetooth synchronization or pairing: check Internet speed and clear the cache. However, the targets are different.

Check Internet Speed

  • 1: Access the home screen. From there, tap “More.” It should be on the bottom right.
  • 2: Select “About.” On the About window, tap it continuously until you see a list of displays.
  • 3: Tap the “Browser” icon. You are going to replace the URL address with “” Press “Go.”
  • 4: The page will load up. Tap “Start Test.”

These steps will allow you to check your Internet connection to determine compatibility. The next goal is to clear the cache.

Clear the Cache

  • 1: You will work from recovery mode. To access, hold the volume “up” and power button at the same time. This will boot your touchscreen.
  • 2: The screen will power. Once this happens, let go of all buttons.
  • 3: To “wipe cache partition,” use the volume “down” button. Select it and press down on the power button.
  • 4: This will help you to clear the cache. Restart the touchscreen by selecting the top option.

These steps will help you to repair Peloton bike errors regarding connectivity and/or bandwidth issues. With those resolved, pick up the best Peloton bike accessories and maximize your experience.

Peloton Bike No Command Error

This Peloton no command error includes a screen display of “No command” that might suggest issues with the Android loader or the tablet. Peloton customers reporting these errors have asked for a new tablet. For the Android loader, the error is a “Resting” Android robot on boot up. The error could also result from a failed update. As a general rule of thumb concerning Android-based devices, you may consider checking for updates in recovery mode. To enter the Android Recovery Mode to resolve these errors, follow these steps:

Clear the Cache

  • 1: Hold the volume “up” and power button at the same time.
  • 2: Let go of the buttons when the screen powers on.
  • 3: Hold the volume “down” button and select “wipe cache partition.” Press the power button.
  • 4: Restart the touchscreen when the cache is cleared.
  • 5: Restart the touchscreen.

Clearing the cache will not erase your statistics and data because the information is stored in the cloud. Oftentimes, customers report this error persisting for a short time but later booting up the sign-in screen. If the error issue persists, then contact customer service for more help with the tablet.

Factory Reset

There is an additional method for resolving the error. In an email response, Peloton offered the following steps:

  • 1: From the “no command” screen, hold the power button, tap the volume “up” button, and release the power button.
  • 2: Using the volume up and down buttons for navigation, tap “Wipe All User Data/Factory Reset.” Use the power button to select it.
  • 3: Select “Yes-Delete All User Data.”
  • 4: This will allow you to wipe the data and reboot the system.
  • 5: Select “Reboot System Now.”

You should then see the Peloton logo. Since this is a factory reset, you may need to contact customer service for additional help.

Peloton Bike Calorie Count Readout Issue

Peloton customers often suggest not to trust the bike’s calorie count readouts. In a Business Insider article titled “Are Peloton Bikes Worth the Cost?” the columnist writes that the calorie readouts might be different between the home and gym bike. The columnist writes that while biking at home, using an independent heart monitor strapped around his chest, his average heart rate was 145 beats per minute per ride. The Peloton display read 530 calories burned.

However, in the studio, his average heart rate was 165 beats per minute, with 130 calories burned. Based upon these different experiences, the columnist realized that he worked harder but burned fewer calories using a Peloton bike in a studio. “A studio employee said that it’s because “each bike is calibrated slightly differently.”

That means the calorie readout and work output, one of the metrics the calorie count is based on, isn’t accurate across bikes” (Business Insider, n.d.). The columnist concluded that he would not purchase a Peloton bike out of personal preference for not wanting to spin every day, and the cost is too high to justify the purchase. If you agree with him, check out how you can use the Peloton app with your own “Poor Man’s Peloton” bike.

Using the Peloton App With a Regular Indoor Spinning Bike

Given the many experiences with Peloton bike problems and related errors, customers are resisting the temptation to buy into the cult-like feeling of purchasing a Peloton bike, possibly for reasons dealing with costs, monthly subscriptions, and customer service. However, one of the most important costs to consider is peace of mind.

A bike that has app freezes, class buffering with streaming video, audio and microphone issues, Bluetooth synchronization, and Internet compatibility makes it difficult to enjoy the general experience of riding.

The last thing you want to see is a blank screen or send for technical support or call customer service, or feel the unending frustration that comes with dysfunction and chaos. Similarly, common bike problems should be simple enough to fix without having to take a software-based technology course. Hopefully, these tips will help you stay on your bike and enjoy your workouts.

If the challenges of owning a Peloton Bike are too much, you may want to consider a regular indoor spinning bike. You can always use the Peloton App so long as you are able to track RPM. Options to consider are as follows or check out the comprehensive “Poor Man’s Peloton” article for step-by-step details to construct your own smart bike:

If tracking the RPMs alone is not enough, using the Wahoo Speed and Cadence Sensors can provide another layer of detail when used along with the free Wahoo app.

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  • SPEED / CADENCE MEASUREMENT - Track and capture real-time cycling speed and cadence with compatible training apps, including Wahoo SYSTM & RGT, Zwift, and Peloton Digital iOS App via Bluetooth
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