Ultimate Home Gym For Runners

Are you a runner? Get the ultimate home gym for runners to maximize your potential. From strength training to cardio and recovery equipment, this guide will walk you through the specifics to building the perfect gym. While having a running specific home gym should not replace your outdoor running, it will complement your training and provide a huge help when it comes to recovery.

Why Do Runners Need a Home Gym?

If you are a runner, you probably have a natural love of the outdoors. Treadmills are good for inclement weather, or when you are squeezed for time, but most of a runner’s work takes place on the road. Trails, parks, side roads, and even cityscapes help keep it interesting. But there are situations that call for staying indoors.

In addition to weather, you may be recovering from an injury. Or maybe you have found, like many of us do, that a little core and leg training improves form and endurance. Cross training at least twice a week can also reduce injury and downtime, making you more efficient and helping you crush your running goals.

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