Aquasana Whole House Water Filter Review

Aquasana Whole House Water Filter

Your body needs all the resources it can get to function properly. The Aquasana whole house water filter provides clean and dependable water… leading to a healthier lifestyle. The filter system is an incredible thing that you can use throughout the house, and it provides you with many benefits for your overall health. You can get all the general help from your water filter that you need, but you also get specific benefits that make your lifestyle better. From stopping harmful bacteria and viruses to better smelling and tasting water, there is a lot to consider.

What is a Whole House Water Filter

A whole house water filter is a filtration system which connects to the main water line entering a home. It has the ability to filtrate water that supplied to showers, baths, kitchens, faucets, laundry, and even toilets.

The filter is installed to the main water line before the water heater receives it. It can also connect to gardens and sprinkler systems. When purchasing a whole house water filter, you should consider:

  • The filter’s size… which should be measured against the square footage of the home
  • The flow rate of the water from the filtration system
  • The life expectancy of the filtration system
  • Add-on features such as UV filters and water softening
  • Cost of the system versus expected return on investment
  • Maintenance of the system

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