How to Install and Use a Water Filter Bypass Valve

Water Filter Bypass Valve

Softened and filtered water can be great for drinking, bathing, and general purposes inside your home. Did you know that it might not be the best for your lawn, garden, and pool? A water bypass valve on your whole house filter can save the life of your system, provide uninterrupted water access, and allow you to use it for your garden without harming plants or soil.

What is a Water Filter Bypass Valve?

A bypass valve might not look like much, but the small devices divert water quickly and easily around filtration and softener systems. You attach them to your pipes that enter your water softener unit or your whole house water filter.

A turn of a knob, press of a button, or changing the position of your 3-valve bypass allows you to shut off the water without removing your access in the rest of your home.

However, this water will be unfiltered, so be prepared with a secondary filter for drinking water or bottled water.

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