How to Get Filtered Water for Your RV

RV Water Filter

There’s nothing better than life in a recreational vehicle (RV). You’ve got the open road ahead, worries behind, and everything you need wherever you are! But you might be surprised at how many camping trips and road journeys can be ruined by unfiltered water. When your RV’s water isn’t properly filtered, your road trips might just be from one hospital to the next!

Purified water can prevent sickness, injury, or worse. Luckily, there are tons of options that will keep your water fresh and safe. Read on to learn how to filter the water in your RV so that you can focus less on filtration and more on fun!

Why You Need an RV Water Filter

Purified water is extremely important no matter your living condition. Water sources can be contaminated by sediment, parasites/bacteria, heavy metals, and other microscopic dangers. Drinking non-purified water can lead to health concerns for you and your family. No one wants to spend vacation at a hospital.

Living or traveling in an RV increases risk. You’ll be hooking up to various water sources and you won’t know what the quality of the water might be. That’s why it’s so important to ensure your RV is equipped with a water filter that can handle any job. The truth is: water sources can become contaminated all the time. Campground owners and maintenance crews might do their best to keep their water sources clean, but they can’t catch everything. In 2018, a Minnesota campground found their water sources contaminated twice by E. coli. Yikes.

Here are some common dangers with campground water sources…

Bacteria, Fungi, and Microbial Contamination

It’s scary to hear, but it’s true: water sources can often be contaminated by germs, fungi, and other illness-causing microbes. These contaminants can cause major sicknesses, including but not limited to: Giardia, Norovirus, and even Hepatitis A. No water filter can filter out everything, but setting up a proper filtration system can ensure you’re more protected.

Sediment, Dirt, Silt Contamination

Ground disturbances from geological events (like earthquakes) or man-made events (like construction) can shift the ground around water sources. This can lead to dirt, silt, and other sediments being introduced into your drinking water. Water filters are especially good at filtering out hard contaminants like this. Drinking unfiltered water filled with sediment can lead to sickness.

Heavy Metal Contamination

Some water sources use metal piping that can rust over time. Metal flakes and shavings can enter your water when this happens. Drinking these microscopic metal pieces can cause serious problems! They can cut up your mouth and throat, cause infection, or even lead to poisoning! 

All these complications can be mitigated. All you need is a good water filter. And you’re in luck! You’ve got options…

Water Can Be Infected

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