Ekrin Athletics B37 Massage Gun Review

Ekrin Athletics B37

Before we jump into the Ekrin Athletics B37 Massage Gun Review (also known as the Ekrin B37), its critical to understand what a massage gun is, how it works, and how to choose the right one for your needs. Once that is established, we break down the B37 by its features, pros/cons, and how it fared in My Top Fitness testing (hint, it received high marks).

If you are already vying to purchase the Ekrin Athletics B37, you can do so via this link (and get 20% off) or use the code Ekrin20 during checkout. If not ready, or just interested in learning more about massage guns, read on.

What is a Massage Gun?

A Brief Look at the History of Pain Relief

Over the years, civilization has chosen to confront “pain” in many different ways. Around “6000BC” it is believed that the foundations of acupuncture were laid[1.] to address the toxins built up in the body.” The primary goal of acupuncture, then as it is now, was/is the alleviation of pain associated with the everyday use of the body.[2.] But it was not until the era of Hippocrates (460-377 BC) that “anatripsis (to “rub up”) and “frictio” (“friction”), the intellectual groundwork for present-day massage therapy, was introduced into the main consciousness[3.].

The History of the Massage Gun

Fast forward a few thousand years later, in the United States of America (LA) circa 2008, Jason Weresland, a chiropractor, developed the “Massage Gun” synthesizing the history of “anatripsis” into a hand-held masseuse. He did this to address a herniated disc that he suffered during a motorcycling accident[4.] that caused marked pain to his shoulder and back throughout odd hours of the night.

Though admittedly a “jerry-rigged” innovation on his part, Jason’s idea would later become a patented heaven-sent[5.] to those athletes who needed immediate relief from the soreness and pains associated with their profession(s). Crazy enough, Jason’s innovation bore with it other noticeable benefits beyond the relief he initially sought to reap when he first configured the (what is now understood to be) “massage gun.”[6.]

But that did not “stop” the story of these massage devices, it simply began it. Like any good innovation, what tends to come after it is better than that that preceded it: In 2019, Ekrin Athletics did just that with its B37 edition to these here gun talks.

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