How to Use A Massage Gun by Body Part and Attachment Type

How to Use a Massage Gun

Have you seen a chiropractor or a physical therapist using a massage gun on patients, and wondered what device they were using? A massage gun is a cheaper alternative to massage therapy, as they can be used to relieve muscle tension and muscle soreness, improve blood flow, increase mobility, and speed recovery.

Most massage guns come with a variation of 5 attachments that are used for different situations. But, with all the attachments, it’s hard to know how and where to use a massage gun. With balls, flat heads, bullets, and forks… there are a lot of attachments. Which body part to use them on is another matter.

So before you power on your massage gun, use this guide to learn how to use it. Some of the uncommonly known massage gun benefits are also included. Of course, having a high-quality massage gun makes a world of difference. Read the “Ekrin B37 Massage Gun Review” to learn about one of the best. Want to skip the review? Use code Ekrin20 to get 20% off an Ekrin Massage Gun via this link.

How to Use a Massage Gun – General Instructions

While similar to a traditional massager, massage guns have a few differences and are usually used when more power is required. One of the great things about this device is that it’s very easy to use. When used right, a massage gun can be as effective as visiting a massage therapist. This article takes a quick look at how to use a massage gun and a more thorough look at directions for specific body parts.

After choosing your attachment, you’ll want to turn the massager on while it’s not touching your body to ensure you have as much control as possible. Next, you’ll need to put the massage gun on the area that needs massaging while making sure you aren’t applying any pressure. Let the massager slide across the muscle and move about an inch at a time.

If you come across a knot or stiff area, let the massager sit in that spot until you start to feel relief. Go over the muscle as many times as needed and let the massager do the work. Keep in mind, never use the massage gun directly on the joints or bones.

In addition to understanding how a massage gun works, it’s also important to know what kinds of massage heads are available and what some of the benefits are. This article may also help answer a few frequently asked questions.

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