Total Gym Review with 11 Great Exercises (Including HIIT)

The Total Gym is unlike any other home gym system out there… but is it right for you? From full body workouts to isolation and HIIT, there are a ton of options to get a great workout with this space saving device. This guide will give you all the details about the Total Gym, and provide 11 great exercises (plus 1 extra HIIT) to get you started.

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What is the Total Gym

Total Gym is the model name for a line of health and fitness workout gear created by same brand global Corp, advertised and sold by the brand’s Commercial Limited Liability Company (LLC) and the brand’s Fitness LLC. The system assures you of well-built muscles, lean body, and weight loss. It also heavily used and endorsed by Chuck Norris.

Active centers use this gym equipment. These centers include medical clinics, gyms, recuperation centers, elite athletics groups, university, and home exercisers, and wellness studios. You can access these Total Gym Workouts kits directly from the web, TV, global, and retail dissemination channels. Tom Campanaro and Doug Marino built up the central Total Gym unit in 1974 in California in San Diego.

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