Corkcicle Insulated Canteen and Tumbler Review


It is just one of those mornings when you roll out of bed and feel the energy of the day excite you. And, there is nothing better than reaching for your cup of hot coffee, knowing it will stay hot, and heading out on your morning hike through the streets. After all, a cup of coffee turned cold before you finish it is a foreshadowing of how your day could end, right? To avoid your beverage turning on you, read on for some tips on finding your drink’s dream container in this Corkcicle Insulator Canteen and Tumbler review.

Why Choose an Insulated Water Bottle

If you are wondering why you would even need an insulated water bottle, you have come to the right place. An insulated water bottle is designed with the technology to keep your beverage either hot or cold, to your liking. Whereas in a regular water bottle, your drink may change temperatures according to the outside environment even before you can finish it, an insulated one will serve as a barrier between the outside environment and your drink. Who wants a cold drink on a blustery day, or a tepid cup of water during those summer heat waves?

When choosing an insulated bottle, you may want to consider the material being used in the manufacturing of the product so as to keep your beverage safe from harmful materials and chemicals. This is very important to consider, as hot beverages may cause reactions with materials that release harmful toxins. Ever heard about not microwaving your food in a plastic container? This might be due, not just to the fact that the plastic container might melt, but also because the plastic contains toxins harmful to consume (like BPA).

Both the Canteen and Tumbler are made with a stainless steal interior and they are both vacuum sealed. Your drink will be the same temperature and taste the same as if you had it right out of the container in which you made it. This will leave you feeling at ease that your beverage contains no added or artificial ingredients, or gone bad.

Corkcicle Canteen

The Corkcicle 20 oz sport canteen is triple-insulated in order to keep your drink at the temperature at which you first started. It is designed to keep your beverage cool for 25 hours, and hot for 12 hours. So, maybe you are flying to your dream vacation destination and trying to decrease waste production, but also really wanting your ginormous serving of kombucha tea to stay cold for the 18 hour flight. Better yet, what if it lasted into the next morning? This product could serve not just as a thermos but also as a mini drink cooler, keeping your beverage safe for the next day to come. It is also equipped with a wide rim, which is large enough for ice cubes.

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Corkcicle Tumbler

The Corkcicle Tumbler is also triple-insulated, but keeps drinks at desired temperature for a little less time than the Canteen: cold for 9 hours and hot for 3 hours. Maybe you are a quick drinker and the shorter time range suits your needs perfectly. The Corkcicle Tumbler is also designed with a shatter-proof crystal clear lid.

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