Coaches Corner: 5 Easy Home Workouts During Lockdown

Home Workout

In this “Coaches Corner”, Daniel DeMoss of DumbbellsReview.com brings you 5 Easy Home Workouts During Lockdown. Here is a quick intro to Daniel and DumbbellsReview before jumping into the workouts:

“My name is Daniel DeMoss and I’ve packed my knowledge and passion for home gym equipment and bodybuilding into easy to digest educational content at DumbbellsReview.com. I save time and money for my dedicated audience by providing clear, concise, and helpful learning resources.”

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I have been a lifelong fitness student and enthusiast ever since winning the gold at conference in the 100 butterfly and 200 IM back in my “glory days.” I am also a writer and the marketing wizard here at My Top Fitness. I have an ever-growing list of interests, including swimming, running, golf, bowling, speedcubing, speed running (old Nintendo games), locksport, cooking, chess, tournament poker, fishing, hiking, camping, and sleight of hand, just to name a few. On some platforms, you can find me as the self-appointed “Jack of all Hobbies” I am a proud husband and father of 2 children, a.k.a. gremlins, and I am super excited to help as many people as possible on their individual fitness journeys.