Top 11 Best HIIT Equipment for Your Home Gym

If you are going to take on HIIT workouts, you need HIIT equipment. This guide breaks down why you need HIIT specific equipment, the type of HIIT equipment, and top 11 best to choose from. Lets ‘HIIT’ this!

Why You Need High-Intensity Interval Training Specific Equipment

When discussing HIIT, you have to mention individual words, including fun, exhilarating, mind-blowing, and high-intensity. A lot of fitness instructors will tell you that it is a game-changer in the field. However, to get the most out of the program, you need HIIT equipment. Let us take an in-depth look at some of the benefits of using these equipment.

Track your workout

One of the key aspects that most individuals overlook when starting the workout is tracking their progress. Understand that with these equipment, you get to have a real-time analysis of your progress. You can effectively plan for the week or an entire month when using the equipment.

Whenever you decide to start a workout program, you usually have a goal in mind. However, to achieve that goal, it is paramount that you track your workout. The beauty of tracking your workout is that you challenge yourself more while celebrating the small wins.

More effective workout

Using the specific HIIT equipment, you can quickly get a more effective workout. According to the British Journal of Sports medicine, High-Intensity Interval Training lets you burn fat 28% faster than moderate exercise. Through the use of the equipment, you ensure that your body gets a more effective workout. You can, therefore, benefit more from a fitness program.

Although High-Intensity Interval Training can be done anywhere without any kind of equipment, it is always recommended to integrate the required equipment. Since you will be working out from home, why not invest in a few pieces of equipment to help you achieve your desired goal.


The good news is that High-Intensity Interval Training specific equipment isn’t as expensive as you might be thinking. Yes, there may be a few exceptions that might be extremely expensive for your home gym. However, the equipment is mostly budget-friendly, and you won’t need to break the bank.

Your gym will get a facelift without you needing to spend a fortune. It’s always great to work out with family and friends making these pieces of equipment almost essential.

High-Intensity Interval Training Types – Which best suits you


The most popular form of High-Intensity Interval Training is Tabatha since it is ideal for both advanced athletes and beginners. The full workout includes eight rounds broken up by 10 seconds of rest and 20 seconds of work. Once you get to 4 minutes, you can move on to the next exercise. You get to exercise quadriceps, glutes, back muscles, and core.

Cardio High-Intensity Interval Training

With cardio, the main focus is elevating the heart rate. You must seek advice from your doctor before you start this program. The good news is that cardio helps you improve bone density, burn calories, and rejuvenate the cardiovascular system. In addition, you get to exercise your lower back, core, glutes, and hamstrings.

Full-body High-Intensity Interval Training

Regardless of your level of fitness, a full-body workout will always be a great option. It is a form of internal training, making it more effective than long sessions of cardio. You get to lose weight and tone muscles, making it ideal for all individuals.

Top 11 Best High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Equipment

The following HIIT equipment is listed in no particular order across the HIIT equipment types categories.

Fitness Insanity Resistance Bands Set

Resistance bands are an excellent substitute for regular weights. You get to do the same leg, core, and arm exercises that you would normally do using these resistance bands. These durable latex tubes feel quite comfortable when doing heavy-duty exercises at home.

The fitness Insanity Resistance Bands set is a great alternative when you want to build different muscle groups without lifting any weight. The good news is that the bands are designed to withstand daily exercise sessions.

Made from highly durable material that can withstand intense exerciseIncludes defective bands that may snap during an intense workout session. The defective band usually snaps where it meets the handle. However, getting an imperfect band is quite rare
You get a complete package that includes a workout guide, door anchor, two ankle straps, three cushioned straps, and five fitness resistance bands

No products found.

AmazonBasics Kettlebell

Although kettlebells don’t look like much, they are very beneficial in workout sessions. Using the AmazonBasics Kettlebell, you can safely perform a lot of resistance-training exercises at home. The wide handle on this kettlebell makes it easy for you to have a comfortable and secure grip.

It weighs 50 pounds, which gives you enough weight to achieve maximum gains. You also get a painted surface that increases both durability and corrosion resistance.

Don’t forget to get the right Kettlebell rack to maximize your workout and safety.

Different weight options are available, including 10, 15, and 25 pounds.The wobbly bottom which makes it quite dangerous when performing specific exercises
Supports a wide range of exercisesThe painted coating is not as durable as solid-cast iron kettlebells
Textured wide handle that increases comfort
Amazon Basics Cast Iron Kettlebell - 50 Pounds, Black
  • Kettlebell supports a wide range of resistance-training exercises
  • Made of solid high-quality cast iron for reliable built-to-last strength
  • Painted surface for increased durability and corrosion protection

SportBit Jump Rope

Jump ropes are usually taken for granted by most individuals. However, you need these jumping ropes if you want to achieve a solid cardio workout. You also get to improve your reflexes and hand-eye coordination.

The SportBit Jump Rope features adjustable cables making them perfect from individuals with different heights. The unisex design of this HIIT Equipment also ensures that everyone can use these jumping ropes comfortably while at the home gym.

The six-month warranty gives you peace of mindIt does not feature a tangle-free design
Versatility since you get to adjust the height
Portable and lightweight design ensuring you get the most from your exercise
SPORTBIT Adjustable Jump Rope for Speed Skipping. Lightweight Jump Rope for Women, Men, and Kids. Skipping Rope for Fitness. Speed Jump Rope for Workout, Women Exercise.
  • ADJUSTABLE: The SPORTBIT jump rope for fitness is easy to cut and customize. You can even use kitchen scissors when adjusting the size of your skipping rope. This jump rope for men, women, and kids is 118 inches long, so it’ll work for any height! Plus, no internal wires or metallic parts guarantees you safety and ease of use.
  • FLEXIBLE AND DURABLE: This speed jump rope will not tear or break. The SPORTBIT jump rope was built to last. The handles spin a full 360 degrees. It’s perfect for both professionals and beginners.
  • SWEAT-RESISTANT HANDLES: The ergonomically designed 4.8-inch long handles will fit adult and kid hands. The handles on our jumping rope are easy to wash and non-slip. Plus, they have a 360° jumprope spin, ensuring smooth rotation.

Resistance Exercise Loops

When working with limited space, you will need resistance exercise loops. These loops are great for workouts because they significantly increase resistance when performing common exercises, including arm workouts, squats, and lifts.

The resistance loops are quite affordable and come in 5 different resistance levels. The different colors will help you distinguish the various tensile forces. You also get a manual to help you get the most from this equipment.

Versatility since they can be used for different exercisesOnly 5 included loops which means that you may need to buy a second set
An included manual to help you make the most from your purchase
A set of 5 different strengths to help you keep track of your progress
OnlySimple Resistance Loop Bands/Exercise Bands/Fitness Bands with 5 Different Resistance Levels for Home, Gym, Yoga, Pilates, Fitness
  • Skin-friendly resistance bands:The Resistance bands made of premium quality natural latex material,Allows long-term contact with the skin and is harmless,it is soft and comfortable,will provides you with a soft,smooth and comfortable exercise experience.
  • 5 Different Resistance Levels: A set of resistance bands includes five colors representing different tensile force. Each provides a workout level, suitable for a variety of sports purposes for women and men, like gym, yoga, training.
  • For scientific training, 5 graduated strengths is marked with max strength values. 1 set is enough to help work out your whole body, both big muscle groups and small muscles. Also, sharing them spice up the whole family.

321 Strong Foam Roller

A successful workout includes letting the muscles recover quickly. The foam roller is the ideal equipment that improves your muscle recovery time drastically. You get to eliminate all the lactic acid that builds up in the muscles during workouts quickly and effectively.

The lightweight and ergonomic design of the 321 STRONG foam roller set it apart from the rest of the competition. You get a comfortable foam roller that is among the best recovery tools in the market. It also increases flexibility and performance, which is a huge plus.

Check out the top 11 best foam rollers guide for more options.

Lightweight and ergonomic designA bit expensive according to some customers
Constructed from soft material that significantly increases muscle recovery time
Increases flexibility and performance
321 STRONG 758576546933ALIFFBA Foam Roller, Medium Density Deep Tissue Massager for Muscle Massage and Myofascial Trigger Point Release, with 4K eBook, Aqua
  • 12. 75 Inches X 5. 25 Inch Diameter ,  Lightweight Yet Rugged Solid Core Massage Roller With Eva Tread And Triple Grid 3D Massage Zones Mimics The Finger , Palm , And Thumb Of A Therapist'S Hands .
  • Medium Density Muscle Roller Is Comfortable To Use - Making It Easy For Beginners , But Still Effective At Penetrating The Soft Tissue Layer Of Tired Muscles . Soft Enough To Use While In Pain From Lower Back Injury , Sciatica Or Plantar Fasciitis .
  • One Of The Best Recovery Tools To Treat Muscle Pain , Increase Performance And Flexibility. Rolling Before And After Exercise Sis Part Of A Great Stretching Routine . Increases Blood Flow To Massage Site , Flushing Away Stored Lactic Acid .

RBX Weight Training Slam Ball

You are probably wondering what a slam ball is and why you need it. Well, a slam ball is a massive ball that you slam down repeatedly until you feel dizzy. You get to work lots of muscles at once, thereby giving you an excellent workout in the end.

The RBX Weight Training Slam Ball is filled with sand, which means that it won’t roll or bounce off during the workout session. The textured groove rubber casing ensures that you have a firm and comfortable grip the entire time.

Works out an array of musclesCan be slightly noisy especially from homes with young children
It is relatively cheap and easy to store

No products found.

Entersports Ab Roller Wheel

The ab roller wheel is essential in almost all workout programs that you come across. You get to strengthen your core while shredding your abs quickly and effectively. The Entersports Ab Roller Wheel is a necessity in home gyms due to its affordable price and an ultra-wide ab wheel. While considered a bit of weird fitness, they are extremely effective.

These rollers won’t wobble when subjected to lots of weight, making it perfect for individuals looking to lose weight fast. The sturdy stainless steel construction ensures that you get your money’s worth when you purchase this HIIT product.

Wide wheels increase stability and controlThe wheel is not a tight fit according to some customers
Ergonomic grip ensures safety during workout sessions
EnterSports Abs Roller Wheel Kit, Exercise Wheel Core Strength Training Abdominal Roller Set with Push Up Bars, Resistance Bands, Knee Mat Home Gym Fitness Equipment for Abs Workout
  • DURABLE&SILENCE - This ab rollers is made of high-strength stainless steel shaft which can support 600 lbs, 3.2” width roller with the non-slip design let you roll across any surface without wobbling. The handle is covered by foam padding prevent hands from slipping during intense workouts.
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE - It takes less one minute to assemble the wheel roller, it is easy to pack the exercise wheel to your gym bag, backpack or luggage, enjoy workout anywhere you want.
  • WORKOUT YOUR WHOLE BODY - Entersports roller wheel is designed as your personal fitness trainer. It works various muscles targeting your abs, hip flexors, shoulders, and back, burning your calories to shape a better figure.

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbell

When you need a dumbbell that is both adjustable and unique, you must consider the Bowflex. It features a simple design that won’t cover most of your gym space. It is always a great idea to consider space when buying equipment for your gym.

This dumbbell is different from the rest due to its automatic weight change. With just a simple dial turn, you can change the resistance from 5 pounds to 52.5 pounds. You get 15 sets in one, which is excellent considering its affordable price.

Space-efficient design that lets you make the most of your gym spaceThe locking mechanism might have a few issues after prolonged use
It allows you to quickly shift from one exercise to the next thanks to the adjustable feature

No products found.

Elite Sportz Abdominal Mat

During some workout routines, you will have to support your lower back. The abdominal mat lets you keep up with vigorous exercises without straining your lower back. You can comfortably do sit-ups and other ab exercises without feeling any sort of pain on your back.

The Elite Sportz Abdominal mat is made from a comfortable material that isn’t too soft or too hard. You get the perfect balance that lets you effectively reduce strain during exercises.

Helps prevent lower back injuryThe form might be a little hard at first
Made from comfortable material
Elite Sportz Equipment Ab Mat – High Density Foam Sit Up Mats - Comfortable Workout Accessories for Upper & Lower Abs, Obliques & Back Support w/ Band
  • The arched design of our sit up mat naturally curves to your lower back, allowing for a more effective and supportive workout.
  • This versatile sit up pad enables high intensity training focused on upper/lower abs, obliques, and lower back muscles, for a targeted crunch.
  • Compact and portable, our sit up cushion is the perfect travel buddy. So, you can perform fuller extended sit-ups wherever, whenever.

Day 1 Fitness Wood Plyometric Box

The most significant item that you need for your gym is the plyometric box. The good news is that you can use the box to store smaller equipment, including the resistance bands, jumping ropes, and ab roller wheel.

This plyometric box by Day 1 Fitness includes rounded corners that enhance safety. You also get to incorporate it into several workouts, thus ensuring you gain more power. It is easy to assemble, meaning that you can get to your workout almost immediately.

The box can be used for a variety of workoutsStorage might be an issue depending on the size of your gym
Relatively affordable and easy to assemble
Wood Plyometric Box 30/24/20 by Day 1 Fitness, 3-in-1, for Crossfit Training, Jumps - Heavy-Duty, Non-Slip Plyo Boxes with Rounded Corners for Safety - Durable Conditioning Equipment
  • SUPERIOR PLYO BOX: This premium plyometric box by Day 1 Fitness is the perfect way to train your vertical leap, coordination and gain explosive power! Develop your quadriceps and enhance your metabolism with this intense workout box!
  • 3 SIZES IN 1 BOX: Our crossfit boxes come in 4 different sizes to suit your needs, whether you are a beginner or a professional athlete seeking a challenge. Each box can be rotated 3 different ways for more difficult heights to boost your exercises.
  • VERSATILE EXERCISE EQUIPMENT: In addition to building power, explosiveness and coordination, you can use our crossfit box for a total body workout! Perform tricep dips, incline push-ups, reverse lunges, split squats, and more for intense workouts!

Nordic Lifting Ankle/Wrist Weights

Wrist and ankle weights will greatly intensify any workout. You get to choose different weights, thus ensuring that you get the most from the exercise. The good news is that you also get to prevent injury thanks to the compression.

The Nordic Lifting Ankle/Wrist Weights are fully adjustable with a high-quality Velcro pad. The neoprene padding and reinforced stitching also enhance safety during workouts.

Durable and comfortable designThe construction material might discolor with age
Helps increase performance during workouts
Fully adjustable thus ensuring versatility
Nordic Lifting Knee Sleeves (1 Pair) 7mm, Small, Black and Ankle/Wrist Weights (1 Pair, Two 1 lbs) Sleek Grey
  • Knee Sleeves Taking Your Performance to the Next Level - by Premium Weightlifting Brand Nordic Lifting
  • Compression is Proven to Promote Muscle Recovery & Injury Prevention
  • Perfect for Weight Lifting, Cross Training, Powerlifting, Gym and Other Heavy Fitness Workouts


It doesn’t take much equipment to compliment your HIIT workout. With the variety of exercises out there, it may be better to use a online training program such as Aaptiv. The benefit of guided training will ensure a regular and track-able program.

Additionally, the motivation will prevent your jump box from becoming a piece of furniture. Whatever you choose for HIIT equipment for your home gym, make sure it fits into your workout space. Using the guide on the ultimate home smart gym can help.

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