HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) for Beginners

Are you ready to try HIIT? While it appears intimidating, HIIT is very inclusive and perfect for beginners. Focusing on intervals, the core aspects of this form of exercise will target your full body and provide a base for other activities. It will even make you a better runner via cross training.

What is HIIT

Created in the mid 2000’s, this workout is a popular form of exercise. This type of workout is a derivative of previous methods of high-impact cardio. The man who created Tabata is credited as the person who created this high intensity workout as well. Some experts say it can be traced back even further. Interval training has been used for many more years than this, however there was not a specific way in which to do this type of training.

Full Body and Intense

This workout regime is becoming vastly popular due to the versatility of movements. It is based on both aerobic exercise with an emphasis on cardio fitness. The only limitations of this routine are one’s own abilities. It is one of the best full body workouts. Unlike many workouts, it does not require any equipment. You can incorporate weights or ropes into it, but you will still be able to perform this exercise program without any additional tools. It is an acronym for high intensity interval training.

Get Fit… Without A lot of Time Commitment

The best part of incorporating this type of workout is that most are 30 minutes or less. This time can vary slightly, depending on your fitness level, but 30 minutes is the average workout time. You may wonder how such a short workout time can benefit you. The level of intensity of this type of training is why you can burn so much fat in such a short amount of time. This is a great workout to consider if you are going to the gym for hours and do not see results or if you want to get in a great workout but do not have much time.

Make It Work For You

One of the most interesting things about HIIT is that it can be easily tailored to your specific fitness level. Just because you are a novice, does not mean you cannot participate in an intense cardio session. There are no excuses for not being able to do something. The point is to get your heart rate up and to keep moving.

Types of exercises

These workouts are never going to be dull. This type of workout routine can be kept interesting because of the many types of exercises you can do. Some of the most popular ones include intervals of running in place, jumping jacks, lunges and squats. While most people would think this exercise routine is nothing new, there is a method in which to do these workouts, which gives you a greater result than just performing them without any type of methodical approach.

HIIT Ratio

Generally, you perform various exercises in a 2:1 ratio. This means that you perform a high-impact exercise for twice the amount of time that you perform a cool down. The process of using intervals of raising your heartrate and then lowering it, helps to burn fat very quickly. Now, you do not have to stick to this exact ratio, it is merely a suggestion. There a few other ratios that fitness experts use to create this type of workout plan, but they vary based on the participant’s fitness level. The general workout plan is to first warm up, so you will not damage your muscles. Then, you alternate between moderate to high-intensity cardio, using breaks in between.

Get a list of 22 Great HIIT Workouts here…

Focus on Heartrate

The point of this program is keep your heart rate elevated for almost the entire time you are exercising. Most people can burn a few hundred calories in a session. There are many variations of exerises that you can incorporate. Some of the other, less common types of this exercise include kickboxing, aerobics, and lunges. Almost any exercise can be part of your personal cardio routine if it gets your heart rate up for an extended period of time.

HIIT Benefits

HIIT is a very beneficial workout for total body fitness. Its’ most notable positive effect is that it restarts your metabolism. One of the hardest parts of getting older is that it becomes increasingly difficult to lose weight. Incorporating a high intensity workout, helps you because you are revving up your metabolism in preparation for weight loss. With such an intense workout, you reduce the amount of stored fat, which is notably hard to work off.

Jump Start Metabolism and Target Muscles/Goals

The really interesting thing about this workout is that even after you finish a session, your metabolism is still working. Fitness experts say that it burns more calories in less time than either biking or running.You can even tailor your personal routine to target specific areas of your body. For instance, you have the ability to just do cardio moves or you can incorporate weights, kettlebells, or even jump ropes into your routine. As you add weights, you are providing yourself with great resistance training. You can build lean muscle this way as well It is a great workout for any age person as long as they do not have heart issues or joint problems.

Mood Booster

High intensity workouts are also great for boosting your mood. Studies show that you are happier when you reduce the amount of stress in your life. Moreover, this type of workout benefits you because it causes you to release endorphins, which reduce stress and make you feel better. With this type of aggressive workout, you can work out your frustrations quite literally and you will be getting your heart in shape. Many people find that when doing a high impact workout such as this, begin to get off blood pressure and cholesterol medicine.

Overall Wellness and Confidence

You will also be benefiting your overall wellness by performing this workout routine. While it is thought to be a difficult type of workout, the results speak for themselves. Most people can expect to see changes in their bodies within 3-6 weeks. This increases confidence and allows for more consistency.

Weight Loss and Heart Benefits

Moreover, many people reduce the width of their waists, which lowers this risk of a heart attack. Even more amazing is that it has been known to improve one’s oxygen levels. The intensity of such workouts causes your muscles to use more oxygen in a shorter time frame than you would when you run. After you train for several weeks, your oxygen level will begin to increase.


There is some confusion as to what the differences between these two types of exercises are.While there are alot of similarities between the two, they are two very different approaches to the same kind of exercises.

Intervals with Breaks (HITT) vs. Endurance and Strength (HIT)

The first one is high intensity workouts with intervals focused on switching on/off, whereas HIT is a type of continual endurance training. It’s an acronym for high intensity training. The cardio in a HIT program is performed in short spurts, with no cool downs or alternating levels of intensity. It is also designed to help increase both your stamina and your strength.

HIT For Those Looking to Build on Existing Base

This type of workout would limit the kind of people who would need to try it. For those people who are not already in great shape, it would be difficult and they may have a hard time performing this type of exercise. This workout routine is better suited to someone who is looking to increase their endurance. Whereas in HIIT, its easier for beginners.

It is a great time saver because one sessions can be completed in an even shorter timeframe. However, you are keeping your heart rate up, but you are not burning stored fat as much. Both workouts use the same types of movements, they are just performed in different ways.

No Excuses and Only Benefits to Trying HIIT

These exercises are a great way to workout and curb the bordeom one typically finds at the gym. The variety of exercises that are used to create this workout program are what makes it so versatile. It is a derivitive of both aerobic and resistance exercises, used to maximize calories burned and minimize workout sessions.

HIIT Great for All Levels of Fitness

Almost anyone with any fitness level would benefit from trying their own version of it, barring any major medical conditions. It improves your health, mood and will take less time than many traditional workout routines. It is easy to fit this workout into even the busiest of lifestyles. Even those who do not have access to gym equipment can try it too.

Low Commitment Time Per Week

This workout offers great results if you do it just a few days a week. There is no need to spend hours at the gym when interval workout training will help you to maximize your fat burn. You do not even need a trainer to help you come up with a personal fitness routine. It is relatively easy to find different types of cardio exercises to perform at a level at which you feel comfortable.

Tailor It To Your Needs

You can easily make modifications based on your preference and skill level. It is a great motivator for those who may be intimidated by trying a new workout or who do not feel they have a great amount of endurance.

Resources to get started with HIIT

There are many great resources available when you decide to start a new workout. It is rather intimidating when you research and to find a great fitness plan.

Women’s Health and Self Magazine Online

Women’s Health magazine is one of the best websites for finding great workout plans that are easy to follow. Check out the HIIT specific workouts by looking at videos and pictures of different routines for women. Self magazine is another resource with a great section for workouts.

This article offers both explanations of the exercises performed and show gif images of them being performed. Better still, they offer suggestions to modify these exercises for low impact.

Mens Journal and Mens Health

These two resources contain a ton of great HIIT reesources. From 10 HIIT Workouts to get Shredded and 13 Best HIIT Workouts to overcome cardio boredom, you are sure find a burning but satisfying workout.

HIIT on YouTube

YouTube is another great resource for feeling like you are getting a one-on-one training session by offering many great workout videos. Many trainers have dedicated programs and regularly upload their videos, including equipment free HIIT workouts in case you can’t invest in a home gym.

22 Great HIIT Workouts

My Top Fitness has a roundup of 22 great HIIT workouts you can incorporate into your routine. From traditionally burpees to equipment bearing drills, there is no shortage of activity.

Aaptiv App

While a compilation of workouts is good, its often necessary to get guidance and a HIIT training program. This ensures consistency and can prevent over or under training. Read the Aaptiv App Review to get full details on how this program will have you “HIIT”ing it.

11 Best HIIT Equipment For Your Home Gym

HIIT equipment is critical to maximize your potential. This list covers the types, and top 11 best to add to your home gym.


HIIT is a transformative workout that you can pair with simple equipment to maximize your grains. It’s critical to get a training program rather than perform HIIT ad hoc if you are new to this type of exercise. For the more experienced, grab some of the resources from above and get to it.

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