Aaptiv Audio Fitness Training Program Review

Aaptiv is a unique audio fitness training app that offers a huge range of activities. From HIIT workouts and running… to cycling and strength training, the library and virtual trainers are sure to get you into better shape. This guide will give you all you need to know about Aaptiv.

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What is Aaptiv

This innovative app provides you with audio and music cues while you are working out or running. You receive expert instruction directly through your earphones as opposed to attempting to look at your phone or watching a screen. The reason this virtual fitness trainer was created is to help improve your life through fitness. Whether you are in excellent physical shape or just beginning, you can use this app effectively.

All About the Audio

The audio fitness program places your focus on the excitement of surpassing your personal best, the health benefits you receive by running and the freedom of moving your body as opposed to obtaining a perfect six-pack. In addition, one of the elements you will enjoy the most is the hand-selected playlist. You can listen to numerous popular genres and top artists through the Aaptiv app.

While you are working out, you will discover the vibe and pace of every song is the ideal match for your workouts. You can choose different filters within the app to choose your favorite music. Or you can run with a playlist in nearly every current major genre of music. Whatever you choose, switching genres is simple, and you will not have any difficulty finding the ideal beat for your run.

Variety of Classes and Music

The company records, mixes and produces all of the different classes. This means you will receive exceptional quality for your audio workouts. The team of audio engineers is experienced and talented. Above all, new and uplifting music is consistently added to the app. You can be assured the music will always match the instructions provided for your workout.

The app has a lot of unique features. Subsequently, this is the reason the app is one of the best currently available on the market. You will experience a sensational running session due to the combination of fun fitness classes and personal trainer guidance. Since the app is still growing, you can be certain your personal fitness instruction will result in a happier and healthier life.

Virtual Trainers and Distinct Experience

The virtual fitness trainer provides you with a qualified training program and a great fitness application. Qualified and experienced professionals lead all of the training programs. The app makes you feel like you are working out with a personal trainer in the gym. The running workouts are designed to offer precision, expert instruction and music to amp up your efforts.

Even if you do not feel like a workout, this app will change your mind. This is accomplished with the energy level of the trainer and great music. The reminders you receive ensure you are held accountable for your actions. If you are competitive, the workout challenge is incredible. The best part is you are always in complete control over everything you are doing.

If you are on a tight schedule, you have the ability to choose the best workout for your specific needs. The workouts you enjoy the most can be saved easily. Every week, the workouts change to keep everything fresh and exciting. Every kind of class offers more than 30 different options. This means boredom will never be a factor since your workouts are always changing.

Aaptiv App Workout Categories

All of the workouts are included with your app. You receive a lot with your purchase including:

  • Guided audio workouts
  • Stairclimber workouts
  • Rowing workouts
  • Weight loss workouts
  • Stretching routines
  • Running workouts for outdoors and indoors
  • Partner challenges
  • Guided meditation
  • Yoga workouts
  • More than 20 personal trainers
  • Workouts for strength training
  • Your favorite workouts are easily saved
  • Ab workouts
  • Indoor cycling workouts
  • Great music including the 40 top hits
  • Training programs
  • Walking workouts
  • 5k and marathon race-training workouts
  • Elliptical workouts
  • Reminder notifications
  • Accountability coaches

How Does Aaptiv Work

You begin using the app by scrolling through the landing page. Aaptiv provides 14 different disciplines including yoga, strength training, elliptical workouts and guided running. There are tailored programs created to help you train for everything from a 5k run to a marathon. You can team up with a friend for one of the challenges. If you prefer, you can make a commitment to a longer program.

You do not have to pick your options one at a time. Once you have chosen your disciple, you will see even more available options. Your audio fitness program can be filtered according to trainer, music genre, duration or difficulty level. You can choose between beginner, intermediate and advanced to match your fitness level. Once you realize how many programs are available, you will be impressed by this app.

You literally receive an entire world filled with workouts available with a touch of your finger. The app is more attractive since all you need to do is put on your favorite pair of headphones and touch the play button. Your workouts are available immediately as opposed to waiting for an opening at a studio.

Fitness Class Types

One of the best parts about this audio fitness program is you are not limited to just running. You also receive programs in 12 more categories including:

  • Meditation
  • Strength Training
  • Stair climbing
  • Indoor cycling
  • Yoga
  • Walking
  • Stretching
  • Treadmill
  • Rowing
  • Boxing
  • Elliptical

You can choose from a variety of classes including:

  • Ease Into Exercise
  • Weight Loss Kickstart
  • Foundations Of Yoga
  • Intro To Meditation
  • Train Like A Boxer
  • Body & Mind
  • Total Body Training
  • Touch Your Toes

The virtual fitness trainer is ideal whether you want to beat your fitness goals, are an experienced athlete or a beginner wanting to lose weight.

Popular Aaptiv Workouts

There is a workout ideal for nearly anyone. Some of the most popular workouts available include:

Shoutout to My Ex

This workout is a training session perfect for when you do not feel like working out. Your treadmill run lasts for 53 minutes. The playlist is inspired by breakups, including everything from Beyonce to Little Mix. Your run features increments of 10 minutes in a variety of different styles.

You will experience sprints. incline repeats, and threshold paces. The combination of the powerful playlist and format makes the time fly. Do not be surprised if you are a little sad or disappointed when your workout ends.

Two-Minute Plank Challenge

This is the ideal workout once you have completed almost any other workout. The killer beat for your forearm plank-go lasts for 120 seconds. You can use this workout to:

  • Top off a workout
  • Insert into a favorite workout
  • Add to your morning routine
  • As a core challenge at lunchtime for your co-workers

Backstreet n Sync

When you are in the mood to hear your favorite boy bands, this one is a great option. If you have had difficulty with elliptical workouts in the past, you are not alone. You can use this workout in combination with one of the other core options. When your muscles are sore the next morning, you will know your workout hit the intended target.

Good Morning Yoga Stretch

If you are a yoga fan, this workout is an excellent way to begin your day. These audio workouts eliminate the need to drive across town for a yoga class. Simply unroll your yoga mat, and the 20-minute yoga session is waiting for you. You will enjoy the asanas such as pigeon and sun salutations.

Tread and Shed

This option is perfect when you want the experience of a hybrid consisting of both strength training and your treadmill. Jeanette Jenkins is the popular Hollywood trainer leading this routine lasting for 41 minutes. Not only do you get to enjoy your treadmill, but you will also enjoy getting off for weighted exercises. You will like sweating to the weighted exercises including overhead presses and tricep kickbacks.

Around the World

If you do not like to use a stair climber, this workout may be ideal. However, most people both love and hate their stairclimbers. Despite this, stair climbing will help with strengthening the muscle groups you need to improve your running. The good news is this entire workout will only take you nine minutes. This means it is easy to add to a warm-up routine or at the very end to work out the right muscle groups.

Quick Neck Stretch

You most likely have days where it feels like all of your tension and stress are sitting directly on your shoulders. If you have poor posture, you will feel the result by the end of the day. This is a great time for this nine-minute workout to help eliminate the soreness and stiffness. You will feel the difference in your spine once you have finished. Your entire body will notice the difference.

Build a Booty

When the time comes to work your glutes, this workout is great. You can work on your strength training with no equipment in just 20 minutes. This workout includes high knee, squat walks, and a large variety of lunges.

Cycle to the Top

If you are climbing hills during your days, you will benefit from this workout. This is like an audio version of a class where the instructor is motivating you by telling you to climb that hill. You will be kept moving as you work your body.

Meg’s Theory Workout

When you want to work out in your very own home gym, this one is perfect. This is a combination of treadmill and HIIT. HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training. This type of workout is also referred to as sprint interval training or high-intensity intermittent exercise. This workout will make you sweat. You will be performing sprints for 45 seconds and moves are driven by speed including air squats and high knees.

Aaptiv Virtual Fitness Trainers

There are more than 25 trainers to help you achieve your running goals. Even if you are a beginner, you can succeed. Every trainer offers you a different style and workout. This means you can find the right workout for your individual needs. If you are a marathon runner, you will enjoy master trainers including Meghan Takacs and Rochelle Moncourtois.

These trainers offer Master the Marathon and Hit the Half. These workouts are adaptable to your experience level. Every Aaptive trainer is a physical therapist, renowned athlete, or health educator. Prominent organizations have certified trainers including NASM, ISSA and ACE.

You can talk to the trainers by joining the private Facebook group. You will not be able to join unless you are a member of Asptiv.

Aaptiv Pros/Cons


  • The trainers are fun and enthusiastic
  • Aaptiv is number one in the App Store for audio fitness
  • The workout selection is great for every fitness level
  • You can use the app anywhere and at any time
  • The app ensures you are not bored during your workouts
  • Aaptiv has over 2,500 workouts
  • The app is simple and easy to use
  • There are already more than 200,000 paid subscribers


How to Sign Up for Aaptiv

Signing up for Aaptiv is easy, head to the Aaptiv site and sign up. Remember to get 10% OFF an Aaptiv subscription with the code: FIT10. You will also need their iPhone App from the AppStore. With these two items in place, you are free to start working out. Don’t have an iPhone? No worries, the Aaptiv App is also on the Android store. However you may try to avoid your workout, Aaptiv has you covered.


Aaptiv is the perfect app for those needing guided workouts but don’t have a physical workout partner. From running to HIIT, there are range of exercises to meet your needs. While it can take a bit to get accustomed to virtual training, most quickly adapt and love this workout experience.


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