Top 11 Best Home Gym Mirrors


A good home gym mirror can help maximize your workout. From direct effects like watching your form, to indirect benefits like making a room seem larger, it can be your best workout buddy. Not only for traditional workouts, a mirror is critical for functional fitness, especially when leveraging kettlebells. Learn the mirror types and review the top 11 best home gym mirrors in this guide.

Why Do You Need a Home Gym Mirror?

Before you go looking for an at-home gym mirror, you should know why you need one. While you can perform your activities perfectly fine without one, having one can push your body beyond a basic workout and help add depth to every move.

To Help Adjust Your Posture

Having proper posture is extremely important for all your workouts. Without proper posture, you can injure your back or neck-through trying to perform activities you are not ready to perform. A mirror will show you your body in the mirror, and you can minute adjustments to ensure the best possible posture for your exercises.

To See Where You Need Improvement

If you are doing something you are new at, such as doing yoga or following an at-home dance video will improve with a mirror. Dance especially requires a mirror for proper alignment in all of the moves. Having a mirror in front of you ensures you see if your leg or arm is at the proper angle or if you need to turn your hips out a bit more. This is especially important when performing functional fitness exercises.

You Can Reduce Your Risk of Injury

Injuries are a part of building muscle and pushing your body. As an athlete, you can minimize your problems by taking the time to prepare your body for exercise and cooling it down afterward. Having a mirror in front of you can help you prevent injury. Making a move wrong might not cause you pain, but having a mirror will allow you to check your form while you move so you can watch where your weight is and see what muscles you are using.

Make the Room Appear Larger

Adding mirrors to your small at-home gym can help your room appear larger. Having a wide space to workout in can be psychological as your brain adjusts to having more light and space. It feels freer to move. You will feel better about yourself and your activities if you have more room to move.

You Can Replace a Trainer With a Mirror

Training with someone is handy, especially if you are new to the activity. You can watch the people around you in a mirror to ensure you are doing the activity or exercise correctly. The same thing is possible in your at-home gym. You eliminate the distractions of other people and can focus on your work out and doing it as close to right as you can.

What Types of Home Gym Mirrors are There?

The type of home gym mirror you get for your home gym can make the difference for your workout. Be aware of the type of glass or material it is and the size. You can also add a variety of mirrors, depending on what you need your home gym to do for you.

Plane Mirrors

A plane mirror is your basic at-home mirror, which presents you with a reflective surface. Your image is the same size, and all the colors are the same and reflect at you. Today’s mirrors are thin pieces of plate glass, whereas in the past they were brass, copper or precious metals all aimed at protecting the reflective surface from tarnish.

Spherical Mirrors

A spherical mirror is a concave or covering mirror. The glass of the mirror curves inward like a spoon and has a coating to let the light bounce off of it. This mirror aims to create an enlarged reflection so you can see yourself better for doing close up grooming like applying makeup or shaving.

If the mirror curves outward like the back of the spoon, then the image reflecting is smaller and slightly distorted than other types of mirrors. Safety mirrors, mirrors in a car, or the curved mirrors in parking garages/end of driveways are a good example of this type of mirror as they allow you to see around corners.

Smart/Interactive Mirror

A smart mirror is some of the newest mirrors on the market. They come with a 4k or HD screen with mirror vision optical glass that acts as a mirror, except it also comes with interactive touch-screen features. They allow you to interact with the image you see, such as yourself or commercial information.

A smart mirror is most commonly found in retail displays or in changing rooms where branded merchandise is on display. They allow you to interact with yourself or the product on display to make fine adjustments or slight alterations for learning purposes, such as adjusting colors to see effects of makeup or the way a clothing item can drape your body.

Two or One-Way Mirrors

A two or a one-way mirror is partially reflective and transparent. They also come with a thin coating of reflective material so you can reflect light onto it and see into a different space as a bedroom. They are common tools in integration rooms, where only one party can see the other or in use in security cameras where the image reflects into a concealed camera.

Silver Mirrors

Silver mirrors or silvered mirrors have a thin layer of a metallic silver coating on top of the glass. The glass is very reflective and helps to reflect light. They are mostly decorative, but they also appear as bathroom mirrors where extra light is helpful.

What are the Top 11 Home Gym Mirrors?

Listed in no particular order are the top 11 home gym mirrors across the mirror types. See which one you can “see” yourself in.

BBTO Mirror Sheets Self Adhesive Non-Glass Mirror Tiles

The BBTO Mirror Sheets Self Adhesive Non-Glass Mirror Tiles come with a protective layer of film that reduces the risk of scratches or marks before installation. The tiles are self-adhesive, so you can create a mirrored wall or walls using the tiles in the shapes and sizes you need for your workout.

Sheets are only. 0.04 inches thick, which makes them ideal for creating a mirrored workout wall as it will not stick out into your space to get you hung up or caught. They also come without edging so the pieces can fit together snuggly without plastic or metal seams creating a blank spot in your mirror.

The mirrored sheets are a PET material, which is glossy and durable, so you don’t need to worry about them getting broken or surfer damage while in use. The package comes with ten mirrored sheets that can give your workout room the mirroring it needs.

BBTO 10 Pieces Self Adhesive Mirror Tiles Wall Cut to Size Mirror Stickers Flexible Non Glass Mirror Sheets for Home Living Room Wall Decor (6 x 9 x 0.04 Inch)
  • Covered with protective film: these mirrors are covered with a protective film, can protect the mirror surface from damaging or scratching during transportation, you should peel off the films before using; Note: the imaging effect is the best within 50 meters
  • Wide range of usage: these self adhesive mirrors work well with cars, motorcycles, bathroom mirrors, dresser mirrors and other household furniture, walls, toys or can also be applied with crafts, easy to stick and peel them off, please wipe the pasted surface clean before use
  • Mirror sheet measurement: this set of mirrors comes with different sizes for you to choose, common and general for daily using, please refer to the dimension drawing for the specific size
The sheets are thin at only 0.04-inches thick so they won’t take up room in your workout roomThe backing of the reflective mirrors needs additional adhesive to stay on the wall
Each sheet is a PET material that is glossy, reflective, and very durableThe mirrors can scratch easily
Sheets do not come with framing so that you won’t lose wall space to unreflective plastic, wood, or metal

Gatco 1802 Flush Mount Frameless Rectangle Mirror

The Gatco 1802 Flush Mount Frameless Rectangle Mirror comes ready to hang. It’s main feature is the ¼-inch beveled edge, which allows you to hang the mirror in your gym without having edges get in the way. The glass is large enough to provide you with a full-length workout mirror, and it takes only minutes to hang.

The mirror comes with a protective silver coating that will prevent the mirror from receiving scratches and will remain resistant for years to come. Backing is interlocking brackets that easily install and will grip the mirror and your wall firmly in solid aluminum.

Gatco Beveled Easy Mount Mirror, 31.5" H x 23.5" W, Silver
  • Enjoy a harmonious reflection with Gatco’s minimalist flush mount mirror.
  • An elegant approach to modern design, incorporating a smooth beveled edge and frameless construction.
  • Artisan Quality: Handcrafted and polished for timeless beauty and lasting sheen.
The mirror has a beveled edge, so it does not take up extra wall space with a frameFor a very active gym, you might need to install additional brackets
The brackets for hanging the mirror are durable, strong aluminumThe mirror does not lie flush with the wall
You can hang the mirror in less than ten minutes

ONXO Full Length Mirror

The ONXO Full-Length Mirror Large Floor Mirror Standing or Wall-Mounted Mirror is a full-length mirror that lets you see yourself from top to bottom. It is shatterproof glass, anti-rust with an aluminum frame. The mirror is easy to assemble with brackets that fix to the wall.

Perfect for your at-home gym, you can see every move you make perfectly. The mirror takes up just as much room as it needs without being too large or getting in your way.

Elevens 65"x22" Full Length Mirror Large Floor Mirror Without Standing Bracket or Wall-Mounted Mirror Dressing Mirror Aluminum Frame Mirror for Living Room/Bedroom/Cloakroom ,Black
  • FULL-LENGTH VISION: 65” X22” is enough length to have a good view from head to toe, It provides a realistic image without exaggeration to make you more self-confident.
  • SHATTER-PROOF GLASS and ANTI-RUST ALUMINUM ALLOY FRAME: This mirror features shatter-proof glass which is safer and more reassuring. You needn’t worry if the glass will hurt your children or pets and an anti-rust aluminum alloy frame makes your environment look simpler and stylish.
  • THREE METHODS for INSTALLATION: This mirror has an adjustable standing bracket to support free floor standing and it also can be leaned against the wall almost anywhere, The bracket can also be removed and you can affix it on the wall to save space.
The glass of the mirror is shatterproof for intense activities and child-safetyThe frame can detach from the wall
The mirror comes with an anti-rust coatingThe corners of the mirror are very sharp
You can affix the mirror to the wall

H&A 65″x24″ Full-Length Mirror

The H&A 65″x24″ Full-Length Mirror Bedroom Floor Mirror with a safety p5 frame. It is durable and coated five millimeters of a silver lens, which helps hold the mirror components together. It is explosion-proof to help prevent scattering of mirror shards.

The mirror comes ready to bolt to the wall or lean against it. It comes with a stand if that is all you need, but the stand is also detachable with classic lines that will not block your workout.

H&A 65"x22" Full Length Mirror Bedroom Floor Mirror Standing or Hanging (Black)
  • Overall Size: 65"x22". Mirror Size: 64.5"x21.7". Large enough for you to view your entire outfit.
  • This dressing mirror is durable with 5mm pure sliver lens,authentic sliver mirror adopting International Environmental Standard.
  • Exquisite Solid classic PS frame cheval mirror, contemporary color and design fits all decors.
The mirror comes ready to hang or stand in your workout spaceMirror is very thin
The mirror comes shatter-proofThe wood frame is cheap
You can see all of yourself and your moves as the mirror are oversized

NeuType Full-Length Mirror

The NeuType Full-Length Mirror is a full-length mirror. It comes with an aluminum alloy frame and is very thin to help you stand or hang it on the wall out of the way. It is shatterproof and explosion-proof to prevent accidents and injuries. The mirror comes with an anti-rust coating and comes ready to hang or stand on the wall.

NeuType Full Length Mirror Standing Hanging or Leaning Against Wall, Large Rectangle Bedroom Mirror Floor Mirror Dressing Mirror Wall-Mounted Mirror, Aluminum Alloy Thin Frame, Black, 65"x22"
  • SIZE: Full size, 65"x22", large enough for you to see your entire figure in a single glance.
  • FRAME: Aluminum alloy frame, black color, elegant. Very thin frame (only 0.16" wide on front), wire drawing treat, simpler and more textured. No discoloration, no odor, safe and environmentally friendly.
  • GLASS & MIRROR: High-definition. Scatter prevention and explosion-proof membrane, burst-proof, shattered glass will not be spilled out even impacted by external force, more safe and protective. Copper-free silver mirror, environmentally friendly. Coating with silver nitrate, anti-rust treatment, no oxidize and rust. Multi-layered, more protection. Original edge-sealing technology, lasting and more durable.
The frame of the mirror is an aluminum alloyThe corners of the mirror are very sharp
The mirror is shatterproof and explosion-proofThe mirror could be larger for an at-home gym
You can hang or stand the mirror without hassle

Q-Bics Flexible Mirror Sheets

The Q-Bics Flexible Mirror Sheets are Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol material that is a PETG glass. The glass is not glass, but a durable reflective surface. It is resistant to scratches and comes with a protective film on the front and back to ensure thins. The mirror comes with wall adhesives for sticking to your gym wall.

Q-BICS Flexible Adhesive Mirror Sheets 6" X 9" Soft Non Glass Cut to Size Craft Plastic 3 Sheets Mirror Stickers "PEEL OFF PROTECTIVE COVER SHEET" Peel Back Sticker And Stick No Glue
  • Mirror sheets are made of Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol material with smooth surface, each mirror has self-adhesive back, easy and convenient to use
  • MULTIPLE USES: GREAT FOR EVERYONE can be used as interior decoration, beautification, and specular reflection to make the interior space spacious; can be used instead of glass mirror for bedroom, living room, dressing room, kitchen, gym, office, etc; when you go out to travel, See your kids in the back of the car, motorcycles, bathroom mirrors, dresser mirrors and other household furniture
  • Material and size: made of good quality PETG plastic, not real glass, with smooth surface and good texture; with protective film on the front and back adhesive on the back; measures 6 x 9 inch , suitable size, can be used with crafts and easy to paste and peel
The mirror is not glass; it is PETG glassThe mirrors can warp your appearance
The mirror is resistant to scratchesYou might need an additional adhesive to make them stick to the wall
A protective film arrives on the front and the back of the mirror

12 x 12 Acrylic Mirror

The 12 x 12 Acrylic Mirror is acrylic and mylar construction. The acrylic is reflective with a mylar backing for stability and longevity. It comes with a protective film to help prevent scratching and cracking. The mirror is lightweight at only twelve pounds and comes ready to attach to a wall.

12 x 12 Acrylic Mirror Sheet by Laser Creations
  • SAFE: Due to its lightweight and shatter-proof properties, acrylic mirror is an excellent alternative to glass mirrors in settings where safety is a concern. It can also be a good choice in places where the mirror may be prone to breakage, such as in a gym or dance studio
  • CONVENIENT: Acrylic mirror has several advantages over traditional glass mirrors. It is much lighter than glass, making it easy to handle and install. Also, it can be cut, drilled, and shaped without breaking, this is a great advantage for places where a specific shape or size is required and can be customized easily
  • ALL WEATHER: acrylic mirrors are weather-resistant and can be used in outdoor settings, such as on exterior walls or in gardens. This material is also resistant to yellowing over time when exposed to sunlight. Because of these properties, acrylic mirrors are often used in outdoor and industrial settings such as factories and warehouses
The mirror is acrylic reflective glass and mylar backingThe glass is very thick
At twelve pounds, the mirror is very lightweightAdhesive can bleed through the reflective acrylic front
The mirror comes with a protective film, so you receive it in the best condition

Clean Large Modern Black Frame Wall Mirror

The Clean Large Modern Black Frame Wall Mirror is a floating glass wall mirror. It is large and finished in a simple black frame that grips and holds the glass. The mirror is easy to install with D-ring hangings and comes with a sleek finish that makes it produce a clear reflection.

Hamilton Hills 30x40 inch Black Framed Mirror | Large Rectangular Bathroom Mirrors for Wall | Floating Glass Panel Vanity with Border | Wall-Mounted Mirror for Decor | Hangs Horizontal or Vertical
  • SOPHISTICATED DESIGN: One of our Best Sellers, this simple 30" x 40" industrial commercial grade mirror is a favorite. A sleek, modern, clean brushed metal 1 inch edge. Backed with our solid core wood reinforcement to add stability and longevity for high traffic areas or in your home. Avoid the warping and distortion found in cheaper brands.
  • SAFE AND EASY TO INSTALL: Our authentic silver backed glass is covered by the metal frame offering a beautiful finished appearance. Glass is securely mounted to solid core wood. All mirrors come with reinforced D-ring hanging clips as well as wall hardware and screws to hang both horizontally or vertically.
  • 4 GENERATIONS OF EXCELLENCE: Our family has been manufacturing and producing mirrors for over 3 generations. We stand by the quality of our product and your experience. A family owned business with simple principles. Affordable quality from an American company.
The mirror is a floating glass mirror that helps prevent it from breakingFinish can start to peel off
D-Rings come with the mirror that makes it easy to hang on the wallThe mirror is heavy
The wall mirror has a black frame finish

AmazonBasics Rectangular Wall Mirror

The AmazonBasics Rectangular Wall Mirror is a large mirror with peaked trim that comes ready for you to hang on the wall and use. It is simple in design and makes spaces look larger than they are. They are made of a mixture of materials, including fifty-four percent glass.

The mirror produces quality reflection with longevity. The mirror is durable and long-lasting with the same crystal clear reflection.

Amazon Basics Rectangular Wall Mirror 24" x 36" - Peaked Trim, Nickel
  • 24x36 inch rectangular mirror with peaked trim for wall hanging
  • Ideal for entryways, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and more
  • Sleek, modern design hangs horizontally or vertically.
The mirror is only fifty-four percent glassThe mounting cannot be adjusted
The AmazonBasics Mirror comes ready to hangThe frame is plastic
Wall mirror comes with peaked trim

Marketing Holders Acrylic Mirror Sheet

The Marketing Holders Acrylic Mirror is a large sheet of non-glass. It is a mixture of reflective glass with the durability of high-quality acrylic. The corners of the glass come rounded with a protective film covering the reflective surface to protect it.

The back of the mirror comes reinforced for rooms where physical activities frequently happen. The wall comes with wall mountings to make hanging easy.

Marketing Holders 12" x 24" Acrylic Mirror Sheet Edge with Film Masking Lightweight Durable Ideal for Home Architectural Design Kids Vanity Gym
  • Overall Dimensions: 12" x 24"
  • Perfect for Classrooms, Kids Rooms, Camping, Fun-house, Gym Weight Room, Ballet, Farm or Dance Studio Mirrors
  • DIY or Wall Decor
The mirror ships with a protective film on it to prevent it from breakingThe mirror reflection looks distorted the further away you are
The back of the mirror has reinforcement for hanging it on the wallThe bottom of the mirror can be sharp
Mirror has high-quality acrylic mixed with glass to help make it durable

12″ x 24″ 1/8″ Acrylic Mirror Sheet

The 12″ x 24″ 1/8″ Acrylic Mirror Sheet is a mixture of acrylic and glass. It comes ready to use or alter as you choose. You can cut the mirror with a saw so you can make smaller versions of your mirror and mount them around your workout gym.

12" x 24" 1/8" Acrylic Mirror Sheet
  • acrylic
  • Acrylic mirrored sheet
  • Can be cut with a saw.
The mirror comes silver coatedSides of the mirror are not smooth
You can cut the mirror with a saw to make smaller sectionsThe acrylic creates distortions
The mirror is a mixture of acrylic and glass


As you can “see”, there are a lot of benefits and options when it comes to your home gym mirror. Whether performing functional fitness drills, or leveraging a range of equipment that needs proper form, its imperative to have a clear view. Choosing the right home gym mirror will largely depend on your space and type of mirror, so measure carefully.


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