Top 11 Best Home Gym Mirrors

A good home gym mirror can help maximize your workout. From direct effects like watching your form, to indirect benefits like making a room seem larger, it can be your best workout buddy. Not only for traditional workouts, a mirror is critical for functional fitness, especially when leveraging kettlebells. Learn the mirror types and review the top 11 best home gym mirrors in this guide.

Why Do You Need a Home Gym Mirror?

Before you go looking for an at-home gym mirror, you should know why you need one. While you can perform your activities perfectly fine without one, having one can push your body beyond a basic workout and help add depth to every move.

To Help Adjust Your Posture

Having proper posture is extremely important for all your workouts. Without proper posture, you can injure your back or neck-through trying to perform activities you are not ready to perform. A mirror will show you your body in the mirror, and you can minute adjustments to ensure the best possible posture for your exercises.

To See Where You Need Improvement

If you are doing something you are new at, such as doing yoga or following an at-home dance video will improve with a mirror. Dance especially requires a mirror for proper alignment in all of the moves. Having a mirror in front of you ensures you see if your leg or arm is at the proper angle or if you need to turn your hips out a bit more. This is especially important when performing functional fitness exercises.

You Can Reduce Your Risk of Injury

Injuries are a part of building muscle and pushing your body. As an athlete, you can minimize your problems by taking the time to prepare your body for exercise and cooling it down afterward. Having a mirror in front of you can help you prevent injury. Making a move wrong might not cause you pain, but having a mirror will allow you to check your form while you move so you can watch where your weight is and see what muscles you are using.

Make the Room Appear Larger

Adding mirrors to your small at-home gym can help your room appear larger. Having a wide space to workout in can be psychological as your brain adjusts to having more light and space. It feels freer to move. You will feel better about yourself and your activities if you have more room to move.

You Can Replace a Trainer With a Mirror

Training with someone is handy, especially if you are new to the activity. You can watch the people around you in a mirror to ensure you are doing the activity or exercise correctly. The same thing is possible in your at-home gym. You eliminate the distractions of other people and can focus on your work out and doing it as close to right as you can.

What Types of Home Gym Mirrors are There?

The type of home gym mirror you get for your home gym can make the difference for your workout. Be aware of the type of glass or material it is and the size. You can also add a variety of mirrors, depending on what you need your home gym to do for you.

Plane Mirrors

A plane mirror is your basic at-home mirror, which presents you with a reflective surface. Your image is the same size, and all the colors are the same and reflect at you. Today’s mirrors are thin pieces of plate glass, whereas in the past they were brass, copper or precious metals all aimed at protecting the reflective surface from tarnish.

Spherical Mirrors

A spherical mirror is a concave or covering mirror. The glass of the mirror curves inward like a spoon and has a coating to let the light bounce off of it. This mirror aims to create an enlarged reflection so you can see yourself better for doing close up grooming like applying makeup or shaving.

If the mirror curves outward like the back of the spoon, then the image reflecting is smaller and slightly distorted than other types of mirrors. Safety mirrors, mirrors in a car, or the curved mirrors in parking garages/end of driveways are a good example of this type of mirror as they allow you to see around corners.

Smart/Interactive Mirror

A smart mirror is some of the newest mirrors on the market. They come with a 4k or HD screen with mirror vision optical glass that acts as a mirror, except it also comes with interactive touch-screen features. They allow you to interact with the image you see, such as yourself or commercial information.

A smart mirror is most commonly found in retail displays or in changing rooms where branded merchandise is on display. They allow you to interact with yourself or the product on display to make fine adjustments or slight alterations for learning purposes, such as adjusting colors to see effects of makeup or the way a clothing item can drape your body.

Two or One-Way Mirrors

A two or a one-way mirror is partially reflective and transparent. They also come with a thin coating of reflective material so you can reflect light onto it and see into a different space as a bedroom. They are common tools in integration rooms, where only one party can see the other or in use in security cameras where the image reflects into a concealed camera.

Silver Mirrors

Silver mirrors or silvered mirrors have a thin layer of a metallic silver coating on top of the glass. The glass is very reflective and helps to reflect light. They are mostly decorative, but they also appear as bathroom mirrors where extra light is helpful.

What are the Top 11 Home Gym Mirrors?

Listed in no particular order are the top 11 home gym mirrors across the mirror types. See which one you can “see” yourself in.

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