22 Surprising Facts About Home Gyms

Home Gym

You want to work out, but you’re tired of going to the gym. Parking’s a nightmare, other gym patrons are talkative, and the monthly fee is killer. To help, we gathered 22 home gym facts to get you inspired to build a home gym.

There are many reasons to exercise from home. You might be worried that you don’t have the money or the space to do it right. Luckily, a home gym is surprisingly easy to construct. You just need a free corner, a small budget, and enough enthusiasm to keep yourself invested from start to finish.

Home Gym Facts

These 22 facts about home gyms will help you understand the benefits and challenges of owning a home gym.

Home Gym Facts

You Don’t Need an Entire Spare Room

A gym at home can be any size that works for you. Some people install a treadmill in the corner of their living room, buy a few hand weights, and practice yoga on the carpet.

If you have space, go ahead and turn that guest room in the gym of your dreams. But if you’re living in a cramped apartment, you can still create a personal gym in a small space. Focus on the essential equipment, and use common areas for pushups and other exercises.

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