Top 11 Best Kettlebell Racks for a Home Gym

Kettlebell Rack

A good kettlebell rack will get kettlebells off the floor and organized for your next functional fitness session. This is critical for reps as being able to grab in order, from the kettlebell rack, reduces rest variation and risk of injury. Choosing the right kettlebell rack requires understanding the types, reasons, and best options. As a kettlebell rack is very specific in function, so you may want to check out the Top 11 Best Dumbbell Racks for a Home Gym if you prefer dumbbells.

Kettlebell Rack Types

The Kettlebell rack types you can find online or in the store should best work with your at-home gym space and the number of bells you have or expect to have in the future. There are many common types of racks available.

Vertical kettlebell rack

The vertical Kettlebell rack is one that supports itself with anywhere from two to four levels of space to put all your kettlebells — depending upon the size of the bells and the number you have. This Kettlebell rack size and Length can hold anywhere from three to eight kettlebells on each level.

Horizontal Kettlebell Rack

The horizontal Kettlebell rack has anywhere from two levels to four. The unique stacking of levels can save space and is a durable wrack that most often buts up against a wall. It will hold multiple types of kettlebells, most often at least ten, depending on the size. A good quality wrack will also come with a lip to prevent the kettlebells from sliding around.

Tree Kettlebell Rack

A tree kettlebell rack is one where you can hang your kettlebells right from specially designed pegs that can hold the weight of multiple kettlebells securely. These are most often designed in an “X” design to counterbalance the weight or in a straight vertical line. The Kettlebell rack size can vary depending on the number of pegs.

A-Frame Kettlebell Rack

An A-frame rack is one of the most common racks for kettlebells. It looks like the letter “A,” and the frame has two or three tiers to store your bells. The “A” shape of the frame supports the weight of the bells evenly. People most frequently use it with smaller or lighter weight bells though there are models that support bells of greater weight.

Staggered Kettlebell Rack

A staggered kettlebell rack has multiple levels of shelves that stack outward from a wall or main support. The levels do not always line up smoothly depending upon the brand and the design of the unit, but it is made to support the weight of multiple bells with the largest place on the bottom of the rack.

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