Top 11 Best Kettlebell Racks for a Home Gym

A good kettlebell rack will get kettlebells off the floor and organized for your next functional fitness session. This is critical for reps as being able to grab in order, from the kettlebell rack, reduces rest variation and risk of injury. Choosing the right kettlebell rack requires understanding the types, reasons, and best options. As a kettlebell rack is very specific in function, so you may want to check out the Top 11 Best Dumbbell Racks for a Home Gym if you prefer dumbbells.

Kettlebell Rack Types

The Kettlebell rack types you can find online or in the store should best work with your at-home gym space and the number of bells you have or expect to have in the future. There are many common types of racks available.

Vertical kettlebell rack

The vertical Kettlebell rack is one that supports itself with anywhere from two to four levels of space to put all your kettlebells — depending upon the size of the bells and the number you have. This Kettlebell rack size and Length can hold anywhere from three to eight kettlebells on each level.

Horizontal Kettlebell Rack

The horizontal Kettlebell rack has anywhere from two levels to four. The unique stacking of levels can save space and is a durable wrack that most often buts up against a wall. It will hold multiple types of kettlebells, most often at least ten, depending on the size. A good quality wrack will also come with a lip to prevent the kettlebells from sliding around.

Tree Kettlebell Rack

A tree kettlebell rack is one where you can hang your kettlebells right from specially designed pegs that can hold the weight of multiple kettlebells securely. These are most often designed in an “X” design to counterbalance the weight or in a straight vertical line. The Kettlebell rack size can vary depending on the number of pegs.

A-Frame Kettlebell Rack

An A-frame rack is one of the most common racks for kettlebells. It looks like the letter “A,” and the frame has two or three tiers to store your bells. The “A” shape of the frame supports the weight of the bells evenly. People most frequently use it with smaller or lighter weight bells though there are models that support bells of greater weight.

Staggered Kettlebell Rack

A staggered kettlebell rack has multiple levels of shelves that stack outward from a wall or main support. The levels do not always line up smoothly depending upon the brand and the design of the unit, but it is made to support the weight of multiple bells with the largest place on the bottom of the rack.

How to Choose a Kettlebell Rack for your Home Gym

Choosing a kettlebell rack requires three considerations: type, weight, and cost.

From a type perspective, you want to choose the rack that will fit best in your home gym and allow you the best workout. Review the types in the first section to determine what rack type and function meets your needs.

The weight of the rack needs to be factored into the total weight when loaded with kettlebells. This is imperative for an upstairs gym where the floor can only hold so much weight. You also need to consider how many kettlebells can fit within the rack, by their weight and size.

Your home gym budget should always be in consideration. Getting the right rack is an investment and its better to wait and save for the one you need, so you don’t purchase a cheaper version that doesn’t meet your needs. This is where a multi-function rack that can hold dumbells and other equipment may be beneficial.

Top 11 Best Kettlebell Racks for a Home Gym

Listed in no particular order are the top 11 best kettlebell racks to consider:

Champion Barbell Kettlebell Storage Rack

The Champion Barbell Kettlebell Storage Rack is made of pure sold steel with a back lip in its construction. A back lip prevents the kettlebell storage rack from tipping over or for kettlebells to fall off the back. The solid construction design with the lip is enough to hold at least fifteen kettlebells of varying weights and sizes.

It has three sturdy shelves that are six-inches deep for the top one and nine-inches deep for the bottom two. The kettlebells and rack arrive in multiple boxes to minimize weight. The rack is easy to assemble with the final product being able to hold the one hundred pound kettlebells.

Champion Barbell Kettlebell Storage Rack
  • Holds any size kettlebell on 3 shelves
  • Back lip on each shelve prevents fall through
  • Steel construction
Rack is steelThe legs of the kettlebell rack do not have felt on the bottom of the legs to protect floors
Ships in multiple boxes to avoid being overweightCan ship with the wrong type of bolts
The Champion Barbell Kettlebell Storage Rack has a back lip

Body-Solid Kettlebell and Dumbbell Rack

The Body-Solid Kettlebell and Dumbbell Rack is a versatile folding dumbbell or kettlebell rack. It has one leg fold-out beneath and behind the top shelf of the rack to help support the weight of the kettlebells on top. The weight of the rack is made with heavy-gauge steel to support the weight of the kettlebells.

The rack design includes tubing welded on all sides of the rack to prevent the kettlebells from sliding off. Body-solid dumbbell and kettlebells rack weigh up to eighty pounds to supports at least eight dumbbells or kettlebells on two different shelves, so the tubing around the edges does its job.

Body-Solid Kettlebell and Dumbbell Rack (GDKR100)
  • Versatile, configurable weight rack holds dumbbells, kettlebells, or both
  • Sturdy, open design can be placed against a wall or in the center of a room
  • Made with heavy-gauge steel construction and tubing welded on all four sides
The design of the rack ensures the weight of both shelves is completely supportedThe rack can smell when new
Easy to assembleThe kettlebell rack has sharp corners
The kettlebell rack can hold only up to five kettlebells per shelf

SPRI Steel Kettle Bell Storage Rack

The SPRI Steel Kettle Bell Storage Rack is a triangular shelving unit for kettlebells. As a solid steel rack , there are three levels to store kettlebells, and because of its design, you will not worry about it tipping over. Each shelf holds two to three kettlebells making it easy to organize the heavier bells on the bottom rack with the light bells on the top rack.

The SPRI shelf takes up little room in your at-home gym or a commercial gym. It’s a solid design that is also lightweight. The rack weighs only a little over forty-five pounds and can still hold the heavier bells beyond thirty pounds with no assembly required.

SPRI Steel Kettle Bell Storage Rack
  • KETTLEBELL RACK: Triangular shape makes this solid steel rack very stable and able to be placed in virtually any space
  • THREE SHELVES: Designed to hold multiple sizes of kettlebells (2-3 per shelf) making them organized and easy to access
  • GREAT FOR GYMS AND CLUBS: Perfect solution to storing kettlebells in a commercial gym or club, home gym, personal training studio, or anywhere you want to keep kettlebells organized in a small space
Requires no assemblyThe taller the bell, the less likely it will fit well on the rack
Extremely sturdy for the designThe rack does not fit snuggly into a corner
Fits up to three kettlebells on each shelf

CAP Barbell Kettlebell Set with Storage Rack

The CAP Barbell Kettlebell Set with Storage Rack is weighted to hold up to five hundred pounds of weights. Two shelves are solidly welded to the frame to hold the weight of multiple kettlebells. The rack has a large lip around both shelves to keep the kettlebell from sliding off of the rack, no matter how heavy they are.

Twenty-inch racks provide plenty of room for multiple kettlebells, and its T-frame design holds the two racks steady no matter how much you use it. The rack is lightweight at only nineteen pounds and can fit neatly up against the wall of your at-home gym despite the amount of weight it can hold.

CAP Kettlebell Rack
  • # This rack is made from heavy-gauge steel and has a weight capacity of 500 pounds. The CAP kettlebell rack features a black-and-grey finish and will look ideal sitting in your weight room.
  • # It includes 20-inch racks that supply you with plenty of room to store your kettlebells and weights of various sizes. Weights are not included.
  • # This setup is ideal for a home gym and a good way to keep your kettlebells up off the floor where they will remain out of harm's way.
Can hold up to five hundred pounds of kettlebellsThe kettlebell trays could be wider
Large outer rim to prevent the kettlebells from moving aroundThe larger kettlebells take up a lot of room
Solidly welded to prevent the entire unit from moving

Troy Vertical Kettlebell/Accessory Rack

The Troy Vertical Kettlebell/Accessory Rack is a solid triangular structure that has three shelves for kettlebells and a top shelf for accessories. It’s kettlebell structure has the shelves bolted to the frame. The shelving unit also has four hooks on the frame of the structure to hold cords and other workout equipment.

The unit is painted pounder gray with a solid finish to make the frame look nice. Rubber mats can be affixed to the shelves to help grip the bells.

Solid triangular shapeThe troy kettlebell rack is not easy to assemble
Hooks to hang resistance bands or other equipmentThe kettlebell rack is too small to hold extra-large bells
Four shelves to put equipment on

Kettlebell Rack – Sturdy, Modern 2 tier Weight Rack & Small Corner Storage

Sturdy, Modern 2 tier Weight Rack & Small Corner Storage with two levels of solid construction. A top shelf can hold up to one hundred pounds with the bottom shelf holding up to one hundred forty pounds. Each shelf has an extra steel tube under it to provide extra support for the bells and prevent warping. The entire shelving unit can hold up to six kettlebells of varying weights and sizes.

The rack comes in two different colors, black, and silver. The design of the rack also tucks the bells out of the way of your at-home gym for added safety.

Kettlebell Rack - Sturdy, Modern 2 tier Weight Rack & Small Corner Storage | 240LB Capacity - Durable Steel Frame & Shelves | Stand & Store Up to 6 Kettlebells (5-50LB) Grey
  • SAVE MORE TRAINING SPACE - Corner wedge design allows optimum placement in your limited home or gym space! Frame creates an edge guard to prevent knock overs!
  • EXCELLENT KETTLEBELLS ORGANIZING RACK -Store total 6 kettlebells ( 5 - 50LB ), light or heavy. Keep your home fitness studio organized and tidy and no more tripping overs!
  • DURABLE AND HEAVY DUTY CAPACITY – Top tier holds up to 100 lbs. with the bottom easily holding up to 140 lbs. safely. Supportive steel tube underneath each tier for extra sturdiness -with no bending or warping, you can count on it!
Fits neatly in the corner of your at-home gymThe kettlebells can easily scratch the rack
Can support over one hundred pounds of kettlebells on both levelsThe rack is close to the ground
Steel for added strength

Body-Solid GDKR50 Compact Kettlebell Rack

The Body-Solid GDKR50 Compact Kettlebell Rack is a tripod rack with three levels of space to store up to six kettlebells. The shelves have a lip around the edge of them to keep the bells from slipping off the shelves. A bottom level of the rack is also a shelf to help keep the rack stable. The rack is made compact to keep it out of the way in your at-home gym. The racks will support bells from five pounds to fifty pounds.

Body-Solid GDKR50 Compact Kettlebell Rack
  • 3 Offset tiers for easy access
  • Stores 6 total kettlebells, any size 5-50lbs
  • Modern design
Provides three levels of shelvingThe middle rack of the unit can bend if the bell is too heavy
Racks are offset to help the balance of the rackThe rack cannot hold very many bells
Rack is compact in design

Element Fitness Commercial Kettle Bell Rack

The Element Fitness Commercial Kettle Bell Rack is commercial-grade steel that is fourteen gauge steel. The rack has heavy-duty steel shelving that is seven gauge steel. This rack has two rack levels that are solidly supported by sturdy legs.

The element fitness rack has rubber feet to protect your gym floors with heavy-duty oval steel tubing supporting each rack.

Element Fitness Commercial Kettle Bell Rack
  • COMMERCIAL GRADE - 14 gauge 2×4 oval steel tube frame construction
  • HEAVY DUTY SHELVES - 7 gauge 2 tiers steel shelves
  • PROTECT YOUR FLOOR - Rubber feet to protect floors
Rubber feet to protect your flooringThe Element Fitness Rack is not cost-effective
Heavy-duty steelThe Element Fitness Rack is very heavy at 125 pounds
Very sturdy legs to support the weight of multiple kettlebells

REP FITNESS Kettlebell Rack

The REP FITNESS Kettlebell Rack is a two-level rack with a back lip to prevent kettlebells from sliding off. It’s made of heavy-duty eleven gauge steel to support the weight of multiple bells. The shelving has a layer of rubber to help protect the rack and cushion the bells as they are put down after use. The shelves are also angled to help prevent the kettlebells from moving around.

REP FITNESS Kettlebell Rack
  • Helps keep kettlebells organized and easily accessible.
  • Heavy duty, 11-gauge steel, measuring 60x21x30” (LxWxH).
  • Angled shelves for easy loading/unloading, and helps avoid scratching powder coating.
Eleven gauge steelThe Rep Fitness kettlebell rack is not cost-effective
Racks are angled to keep the bells from sliding offThe kettlebell rack is not light at one hundred twenty pounds
Shelves of the kettlebell rack have a rubber lining to protect the rack and hold the kettlebells

Ader Heavy Duty Kettlebell Rack 2 Tier 40”,48”,56”

The Ader Heavy Duty Kettlebell Rack has two levels for kettlebells of heavy kettlebells. This rack is designed to rest up against a wall, and the feet of the rack has an extra lip to prevent the rack from moving around and remaining steady while you take kettlebells on and off the rack.

Made of heavy-duty eleven gauge steel tubing it will support your entire kettlebell collection. The rack weighs eighty-nine pounds and is designed to have a large back lip to prevent the kettlebells from sliding off the back of the rack.

Ader Heavy Duty Kettlebell Rack 2 Tier (48'')
  • 2-Tier kettlebell rack
  • Rack's length: 48"
  • Rack's weight: 88lb
Eleven gauge steelThe rack is not cost-effective
Large back lip to prevent the kettlebells from slipping offThe kettlebell rack does not come with a protective shelf layer so it can get scratched
Large enough to support multiple kettlebells

CAP Barbell Dumbbell and Kettlebell Storage Rack

The CAP Barbell Dumbbell and Kettlebell Storage Rack are thick solid steel that can hold up to three hundred pounds of kettlebells and free weights. Kettlebells sit on two different levels with free weights going up and down the sides for added weight and storage.

The bottom level of the rack is lined with a rubber grommet to ensure the frame does not scratch your at-home gym with each dumbbell cradle having the same rubber to protect it. This rack holds up to four sets of dumbbells weights from three pounds to thirty-five pounds.

Cap Barbell Dumbbell and Kettlebell Storage Rack
  • CONSTRUCTION – Made with Solid Steel. Assembled dimensions are 20. 5" L x 10" W x 24" H. Weight capacity of 300-pounds
  • DURABLE – The rubber grommet trimmed dumbbell cradles and rubber trimmed top and bottom edges protect equipment and floors from damage and prevent scratches
  • VERSATILE – This rack holds most dumbbells ranging from 3-35 lbs. Use the trays to store fitness equipment such as kettlebells, jump ropes, or gloves.
Can support up to three-hundred poundsThe CAP storage rack is not easy to assemble
Multi-function for multiple store types of workout equipmentNot all types of dumbbells fit on the rack
Rimmed in rubber to prevent damage to your home or person


Now that you understand the types, factors, and options in choosing a kettlebell rack, its time to dive in and get organized. Beyond getting kettlebells off the floor, your workouts will become streamlined with easy access. If you need a dumbbell rack, check out our comprehensive guide.

Expand your functional fitness equipment and make sure you are doing the moves properly via the functional fitness exercises guide.

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