What are dumbells and why you should use them

Dumbbells – All you need to know about the Exercise Equipment:

A Dumbbell is an exercise tool that forms the fundamentals of the fitness industry. Over the years, they have been used to develop muscles, lose or gain weight, tone the body, and improve body posture. They’re highly effective for targeting specific muscles, and can play a role in overall performance and injury-resistance. Often, dumbbells are used as additional weights to complement other commonly performed exercises. Today, dumbbells are still popular in gyms, but in some places, they are being replaced by fixed weight machines, resistance bands , or other newer weight training tools. New tools may have additional benefits over what a dumbbell set can offer for everyday training for athletes or other fitness participants.

History of Dumbbells:

The earliest form of Dumbbells were the Halteres, which had different shapes from dumbbells but were used for lifting weights in ancient Greece. Similarly, the Indian subcontinent also saw the usage of different weights for muscle development and bodybuilding. All these different forms of weights evolved into the modern shape of dumbbells.


The dumbbells are used to increase the range of motion during exercises but should be used with caution and proper form. Warm-up and stretching exercises are essential before engaging in any exercise with dumbbells. Also, choosing the correct weight is important. While heavier weights can produce better results quicker, they may cause more pain and injury.

Targeting Specific Muscle Groups:

The Dumbbell can be used to emphasize specific muscle groups. For example, the chest, back, and shoulders can be worked by performing dumbbell rows. You should stand tall and flex your hips and knees. After raising the weights, lower them slowly until they are parallel to the ground. Then, rest for a short time and repeat the movement. You can also do some isolation exercises with them. This makes them a popular choice for people with a busy schedule.

Commonly performed exercises:

Different types of workouts can be performed using dumbbells. These dumbbell workouts are available on different websites and mobile phone applications. You can simply choose a list of exercises that serve your purpose well and add them to your routine. 

These workouts are versatile and can be used to train nearly every muscle group in the body. Typical examples of exercises that utilize Dumbbells include decline seated bicep curls, hammer curls, preacher curls, French presses, and overhead triceps extensions. Other exercises include flat and incline chest presses, lateral raises, and upright rows. Dumbbells are also commonly used in lunges and half squats.

Dumbbell Material – What are dumbbells made of?

Dumbbells come in different styles and materials. Some are made of metals, while others are made of rubber. Plated dumbbells are pretty common these days as they have a protective coating to prevent rust. These coatings include chromium and zinc coatings that add a great look to the dumbbell and protect against any rust risks.

Rubber Dumbbells:

Rubber Dumbbells are more common in households and gyms. The reason is that the rubber coating prevents the dumbbells from scratching the floor when dropped or rolled. One downside of rubber-coated dumbbells is that they can have an odor.

Metallic Dumbbells:

Metallic Dumbbells are made of metals and have different plates mounted on a central rod. These plates are adjustable and can be used to adjust the weight of the dumbbell. Often, metallic dumbbells are more expensive than rubber dumbbells, depending on the metal and coating.

Fixed and Adjustable Dumbbells:

Depending on their construction and weight sizes, there are two main types of dumbbells. These are fixed dumbbells and adjustable dumbbells. Round dumbbells can be costly compared to other types of dumbbells, such as hex dumbbells. Round dumbbells are also more likely to roll away when placed on the floor.

A fixed dumbbell is likely the most common type of dumbbell you will come across at the gym. These Dumbbells are generally made of rubber and have a fixed weight. The material on the dumbbell is fixed, and the weight cannot be changed. On the other hand, adjustable dumbbells are made of metal, their handles feature a crosshatch pattern to give users a better grip, and they allow you the flexibility to change and alternate the weight on the dumbbell. These are metallic rods, and plates can be mounted on them depending on your weight preference. 

Adjustable Dumbbells have more benefits than fixed ones. They are more convenient than adding weight bars, and they allow you to customize the weights according to your needs. Adjustable dumbbells are also good for those who don’t have the space or budget for a full fixed dumbbell set. Adjustable Dumbbells also make it easier to progress, whereas fixed Dumbbells restrict the number of challenges and options for your exercises. They also allow you to start with lighter weights and gradually increase the weight as your strength increases. In other words, you can customize your adjustable weights for the perfect workout. People with lower arm strength may find it easier to handle a fixed Dumbbell than a variable one. However, a fixed Dumbbell may take up more space than an adjustable Dumbbell. 

Smart Choice:

A smart choice could be to buy an adjustable Dumbbell set and add weights by increments of 10 pounds. This will enable you to adjust the weight to a level that suits you best. It is important to remember that different weights are required for different exercises.

How to buy Dumbbells? 

If you are looking to purchase dumbbells, there are two major options that you can choose from. 

One way is to go to a sports store or fitness center and pick your favorite dumbbells, depending on your weight requirements and other preferences. Another way of doing that is by looking for dumbbells on online stores and websites. Various fitness stores on the internet can offer you top-quality products for a very flexible price range. 

In this process, it is better to consult a professional trainer or expert to ensure that you choose the right dumbbells for yourself. 

Weight Recommendation for Beginners:

For home gyms, A dumbbell set general weight recommendation for beginners is between 5 – 10 pounds for women, while it’s between 10 – 20 pounds for men. You can start with this weight category and gradually increase the weight sizes as you progress.

Dumbbells as a part of your lifestyle:

If you are looking to get your body in good shape or work on your overall physical fitness, dumbbells are a must-have, as they allow you the flexibility to perform exercises at any time. You can simply keep these dumbbells in the corner of your room and use them ideally for weight training at your convenience. 

In today’s busy world, going to gyms and paying fees is quite a task. Instead of doing that, dumbbells remain a relatively cheaper and flexible alternative as you can use them as per your needs. The best thing about using dumbbells is that you can control your fitness routine yourself. But, it is very important to be taught the proper way to use dumbbells, which can be done with supervision from a personal trainer or other knowledgeable person. Dumbbells are basic but highly effective equipment for exercises. If you’re new to using dumbbells, consider working with a licensed professional or certified personal trainer.

Dumbbell Exercises

Over the years, many new techniques of using dumbbells have been developed, and presently, they can be used to train almost every part of the body. These dumbbell exercises can create both inter- and intramuscular coordination, leading to greater levels of muscle activation. Individuals can use dumbbells for a range of different exercises, including resistance and cardio routines. Dumbbells are some of the most versatile weights because people can use them to work their core, upper body, and lower body. Some of the more common dumbbell exercises include decline seated bicep curls, hammer curls, preacher curls, French presses, overhead triceps. Other dumbbell exercises for the back include the kneeling one arm row and stiff-legged dead lift.

Dumbbell Training

Whether you’re a beginner or an avid gym-goer, you can integrate dumbbells into your training with a range of different exercises. Working out with dumbbells is strenuous, and you may hold your breath without even noticing. Be aware of your breathing during training or exercise, so you don’t increase your blood pressure. This puts you at a greater risk for getting a hernia. When you get into strength training with dumbbells, you may want to do dumbbell exercises more often. Don’t push yourself too hard, because that could make you more likely to get injured. Before you begin your training, do some warming up to prepare your muscles for the workout. Make sure that you choose the right dumbbells, because you may over-strain your muscles if the weights are too heavy. If you feel pain when doing an exercise, reduce the weights or repetitions. If the pain continues, you have to stop


Although trends come and go, certain pieces of fitness equipment remain relevant and effective. Thats why you may find so many home and commercial gyms with things such as dumbbells, barbells, and weight plates. There is no “best” piece of fitness equipment, it all depends on you, what results you want to see, or what specific muscles you want to target. With using dumbbells, you have different types to consider, all with their own pros and cons, but you can never go wrong with trying them at least once.

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