What is a TRX workout and what are the benefits? 7 reasons to start suspension training right away

TRX training, or suspension weight training, is a combination of exercising strategies that are generally used to improve a variety of physical health aspects by using body weight and gravity to generate a stimulus. TRX stands for Total Resistance Exercise, and is a tool that is becoming more and more popular among fitness trainers and gym enthusiasts thanks to its ability to embrace a variety of training styles. All you need to get started is a TRX suspension trainer, which is a tool with an anchoring top and two protracted handles. Its unique design is what enables people to perform suspended movements and work on their fitness. 

In this article, we will discuss 7 benefits of TRX training and how it can help you achieve your fitness performance goals. 

7 benefits of TRX training

In this section, we will take you through the main benefits of TRX suspension training and we will discuss what are its advantages over other fitness equipment.

  1. Full-body workouts

TRX suspension training enables you to work on your whole body, as the long handles can be used to perform a variety of core, arm, and leg workouts, meaning that if you get yourself a TRX trainer, you would unlikely need any more equipment to work your whole body. Specifically, TRX is well known for increasing core strength, as suspending your body against gravity keeps the muscles in the trunk engaged at all times. 

  1. Work on both cardio and strength with one tool

Suspension training can be used to work on power, strength, and endurance, all in one workout. In fact, the resistance created by gravity when the body is suspended is great enough to provide a stimulus to develop strength, but if the workouts are also performed following a HIIT or AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) protocol, that would enable you to strengthen your muscles along with your cardiovascular system.

  1. Training for everyone

The TRX suspension trainer is one of the few tools that is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels, as it allows to perform a vast array of exercises, each with regressions and progressions that can be applied to lower or increase the intensity and difficulty of the workout. This enables everyone to get access to working out as it can easily suit one’s capabilities and abilities. 

  1. Great versatility

TRX suspension trainer is extremely versatile as not only you can take it everywhere with you thanks to its minimalistic design, but it also enables you to work on different muscle groups, meaning that you can work on your whole body with just this one tool.

  1. Low Impact on the joints

Suspension training is more gentle on the joints, as the only resistance applied is that of gravity on the suspended body, with no other load added, so it makes it less likely to incur an injury. This is particularly useful for people who have weak joints, elderly people, or someone who is recovering from an injury. 

  1. Improves your mobility 

Mobility is one of the main aspects of physical health as it allows free movement, therefore it is important to include mobility exercise in your training regime. TRX training is a great way to do so, as its design facilitates the execution of exercises at a full range of motion whilst under tension, which in turn will help you maintain your joints and muscles mobile and flexible. Alternatively, you can even use it to perform dynamic active stretching, which also has a positive impact on mobility.

  1. Cost effective 

Last but not least, TRX suspension training is a cost-effective alternative to gym classes and memberships, as you can purchase your own suspension tool and use it at home or anywhere else you may prefer. 

Final Words

TRX training is very versatile as it enables you to work on every aspect of your fitness, from strength to endurance and mobility, whilst also being versatile and cost-effective. With a TRX, you can train your whole body anywhere, making it one of the most innovative fitness tools of all times. 

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