Simple Full Body Kettlebell Workout to do at Home

In recent years, many people started working out at home and now maintained this habit as they find it more flexible, as well as more cost-effective. Furthermore, it is now acknowledged and well-accepted that it is possible to achieve good results with home workouts too, thanks to the amount of equipment now available for purchase. Having said that, there are a few pieces of equipment that are more versatile than others, meaning that even without a full home gym you can still train your whole body…such as kettlebells.

Full-body home workout with kettlebells

Kettlebells are very adaptable and enable you to work on your whole body with a series of dynamic and static movements. Today we will show you a simple and effective total body workout that you can do in the comfort of your home using just one kettlebell. Ideally, you should aim to perform this workout a minimum of twice per week to see results and condition your body appropriately.

If you prefer, we also have a downloadable pdf with the workout below.

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