How to Run Armageddon Track Intervals

Armageddon Track Intervals

Armageddon Track Intervals is a high intensity, low rest, negative split, not for the meek, please check with your doctor first running workout aimed at competitive runners with a strong base and some history of running track intervals. This is not to dissuade non-competitive runners, as the pace control and strength created will certainly benefit your overall running goals. However, there is a risk of injury if you are not prepared for this level of intense running.

Why Run Armageddon Track Intervals

If the title for this track interval workout sounds extreme, it’s because it is, but produces extreme results starting with running strength and endurance. Composed of 8 miles of 200 meter repeats and paced recovery between intervals with another 4 miles of warm up and cool down, Armageddon track intervals focus on building core running strength while nurturing the underlying endurance required to hold an intense pace.

Mental Toughness and Pace Control

The benefits go beyond the common staple of strength and endurance and into the supporting elements of mental toughness, pace knowledge, and control. Mental toughness is a given with this workout as it will force you to comply with a pace while pushing to stay at that pace or faster, which is critical during a competitive races.

Pace knowledge and control allows you to know when you are over or under pacing during a race, such as knowing how an 80 second quarter mile feels versus 75 seconds without looking at your watch, while making the necessary adjustments to speed up or slow down with less effort and increased running efficiency. This is gained by running negative splits for each 200 meter interval which aids in not only providing strength and intimate pace knowledge during a race, but a vicious end kick to leave competitors in the dust at the very end!

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