How to Run Standard Track Intervals

Standard Track Intervals are the bread and butter of a runners training program. They not only create strength and endurance, but provide confidence and knowledge of the pace and speed you are capable of running. While multiple variations of track intervals exist, such as Ladder and Mixed Track Intervals or extreme Armageddon Track Intervals, there is no substitute for standard interval training for runners of all levels.

Why Run Standard Track Intervals

From a physical standpoint, Standard Track Intervals increase speed, strength, and endurance. These components are worked during different phases of the interval training session. Speed is relative to the distance you are training at. Generally, when running track intervals you are training at shorter distances in repetition than your desired race distance.

As an example, if you are training for a 5K and running 400 meter repeats on the track, the 400 meter workout pace will be faster than your mile pace for a 5K. Once you go to run a mile, you will have more speed since your body is trained to move faster than your regular mile pace.

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Standard Track Intervals
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