How to Clean Air with Essential Oils

Essential Oils Clean Air

Essential oils not only smell good but are very effective at cleaning the air. Whether at home, in the office, or in your car… there are several options to purify. This is especially important for runners, who can sweat up a car after their run. Let’s dive into how these powerful oils clean the air, diffuser types, dangers, and the top 11 best essential oils for clean air.

How Do Essential Oils Clean The Air?

So are these oils just like other products that help “clean” the air? Companies market too many products to simply mask an odor. These products actually do nothing for the quality of the air you are breathing, odor aside.

Essential oils, however, have some scientific evidence for being able to actually purify and clean air. Here is what they actually do that does more than just mask smells.

Increasing Atmospheric Oxygen

One of the first things they demonstrated is an ability to do is increase oxygen levels, including atmospheric oxygen. EOs naturally carry a high concentration of oxygen. When you diffuse them in a room, you are unlocking that oxygen. Generally, higher oxygen levels are associated with cleaner air because pollution and toxins remove that oxygen.

Increasing Negative Ions

Over the last 30 years, the idea of ionization has been part of air purification devices. The idea is simple, create a negatively charged ion, which will help reduce the development of bacteria. 

High-quality oils provide this ionization effect without the use of electricity, giving them an antibacterial property. Using high-voltage electric current in other ionizing devices also produces ozone. This can be hazardous in small, unventilated areas. Oils provide the right effect without potentially hazardous side effects.

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