The Ultimate Guide to Treadmill Accessories

The right treadmill accessories can protect your treadmill and make your running more enjoyable. From treadmill mats to headphones, there are a range of accessories to maximize your treadmill investment. This guide breaks down the treadmill accessory types, and offers a selection of the top 11 best treadmill accessories to choose from.

If you don’t have a treadmill yet, you may want to consider some of the top rated treadmills that can be delivered to your home.

Treadmill Mat

If you’re thinking of throwing in the towel on your gym membership in favor of building a home gym, you may want to consider purchasing a treadmill mat. Typically made from the durable and shock-resistant rubber of recycled tires, these mats protect both your fitness equipment and your flooring.

Why You Need One

As you may have noticed, treadmills tend to shake a bit and vibrate while in use. They’re also surprisingly noisy! Treadmill mats absorb vibration and reduce noise. This is handy if you’ve managed to lug that treadmill up a five-story walk-up. Surfaces like wood, tile and linoleum are fragile and frequent use of heavy fitness equipment can cause chips and cracks. Over time, these cracks can widen, causing the need for expensive repairs. These mats provide a protective barrier between your equipment and your floors. They also can expand the overall life of your machine.

Treadmill Workout App

Most treadmill users will agree that the best running buddy is a good playlist. But what about those days when even the most rockin’ jams aren’t enough? Enter the treadmill workout app: DVDs or downloadable videos that engage sight as well as sound. These treadmill accessories create an almost augmented reality experience sure to distract you from the “dreadmill”.

Types of Apps

Studies have shown that spending time in nature can help relieve stress, but what if it’s pouring rain outside? Or the only time you have to squeeze in your workout is at 5am, when the sky is still pitch black? There are DVDs that are the next best thing to being outside. They will take you running through forests, mountains and coastal trails, accompanied by ambient nature sounds.

If you’d rather blaze your own trail, iFit allows you to create custom workouts using Google maps. With this app, you can actually record training you’ve done outside in order to recreate the same workout while indoors.

Looking for something that’s off the beaten path? Tread Moves: Aerobic Cardio Blast will challenge your brain and your body by coaching you through a series of fast-paced moves like skipping, jumping and weight-lifting—all while jogging on a moving treadmill. How’s that for multitasking?

Treadmill Tablet Holder

A treadmill tablet holder is designed to hold your device in place despite the amount of movement you are exerting. That makes it much easier to enjoy that stroll through the grassy hills of Ireland. Of all the treadmill accessories, this one can change your entire workout focus.

Things To Watch For

You’ll want to pay attention to the size that the holder is designed for, as some are made for devices no bigger than a Kindle and others for tablets as large as the new iPad Pro. Some work best for those who like to watch TV while working out, while others are geared more towards readers.

Treadmill Cleaning Kit

Regular cleaning is essential for treadmill maintenance. The manufacturer will recommend how often you should clean it, so be sure to read the manual, as it varies for each machine. You can purchase a treadmill cleaning kit that is designed specifically for treadmills that need cleaning only, that need both cleaning and lubricating, or that need lubricating, belt adjustments and minor maintenance.

Why You Need One

The running belt is the main component of the treadmill and keeping it tidy can help ensure its longevity. A dirty treadmill won’t maintain speed as well as a clean one. A clean, dry cloth can be used to clean the dust and dirt from between the belt and the platform, but lubricating the machine is essential. Before purchasing a kit, check with the manufacturer to ensure that you choose the right type of lubricant. Most lubricants are made from either silicone or paraffin wax.

Treadmill Headphones

Headphones are arguably the most important of treadmill accessories, as It’s difficult to enjoy any other treadmill app without them. But how do you choose the ones that are right for you?

Features To Look For

You’ll want to find a pair that not only fits the jack in your device, but fits your ears comfortably. Some of the top brands on the market provide noise isolation, hands-free calling and the ability to adjust volume and skip ahead to the next track on your playlist. Then there is the question of whether or not to invest in a pair of wireless headphones.

No Strings Attached

With wireless ear buds, you no longer run the risk of accidentally tugging on the wire, causing your phone to fall onto the moving tread belt beneath your feet and thereby forcing you to pause your workout. However, some users have experienced difficulty pairing both buds to one device, had issues with the touch functionality or noticed that the charge doesn’t always last as long as advertised.

Top 11 Best Treadmill Accessories

Treadmill Mats

GYMAX Large PVC Exercise Mat

Made of high density PVC material, this mat is both slip and shock resistant and doesn’t compress like foam products do. It can help to prolong the life of your equipment by absorbing the vibrations and keeping out dust. It also protects your floors and is suitable for use on a variety of surfaces, including hardwood floors, low pile carpet, tile and concrete. Another cool feature is how easy it is to store—simply roll up the mat when not in use. Ta-da! This mat received great reviews overall, with the exception of one user who wished it was about 6 inches longer.

GYMAX PVC Exercise Mat, High Density Folding Floor Protector for Treadmill Equipment (6.5' x 3' x 0.25'')
  • Super Solid Material - Gymax exercise equipment mat is made of high density PVC material, the slip and impact resistant shock and sound absorbing long lasting low maintenance will not compress like foam products.
  • Protect Your Equipment - Dampens the vibrations that cause wear and tear on your equipment, and also prolongs life of equipment by keeping out floor and carpet dust.
  • Protect Any Surface - Gymax exercise equipment mat is designed to protect your floor from the indentations and scratches which can arise from placing heavy fitness equipment directly on the floor, ideal for hardwood tile concrete low pile carpet and other hard surfaces.

Egymcom Treadmill Mat

This mat is also made of durable PVC and comes in two sizes, 78.7”x35.4” or 51.2×23.6” and is approximately 1.57” thick. In addition to protecting your floors or carpeting, absorbing vibrations and reducing noise, this mat is waterproof and easy to clean. A unique feature is the “high density pattern design” which prevents your machine from moving around while in use. The Egymcom mat also comes with a 30 day moneyback guarantee.

Treadmill Mat, Egymcom Heavy Duty Eco-Friendly PVC Exercise Equipment Mat for Treadmill/Ski Machine/Exercise Bike Equipment (Large)
  • Perfect Size: 2 size available, L-78.7*35.4*0.157in/S-51.2*23.6*0.157in(L*W*H), will be large enough for most treadmills, elliptical and other exercise equipments.
  • Material: Super-tough, durable PVC material, more eco-friendly than others, helps protect your floors and carpets from the damage effects of heavy exercise equipment and debris from mechanical parts.
  • Functions: Absorbs vibration and reduces noise caused by all sorts of equipment while prolong the life of your equipments.

Treadmill Headphones

Unleashed Online Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

These noise-cancelling wireless earbuds provide “crystal clear” audio using the latest 5.0 blue tooth technology. With an ergonomic ear design, these little buds sit comfortably within your ears and won’t cause any irritation while working out or playing sports. They are compatible with all smartphones and have a long-lasting battery life. In the event that the battery does start to run low, a portable charging case is included.

Wireless Earbuds TWS Super Compact Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headphones 6D Ver 5.1 Bluetooth Earbuds Stereo Earphone Cordless Headsets in-Ear Earphones Built-in Mic Smart Phones Work Travel Gym
  • LISTEN TO YOUR FAVORITE MUSIC ANYWHERE: Unleashed Online wireless bluetooth earbuds provide you with that crystal clear, high-quality Super Bass Sound that you have been looking for using the latest V5.0 bluetooth technology. You will never miss listening your favorite music anywhere you wanna be!
  • COMFORTABLE AND POWERFUL: These super lightweight Earbuds are less than 4 grams each. They are light, comfortable, soft and form fitting. You won't even feel their weight in your ear. They will then provide you with over 6 hours of on the go music or talk time whenever you need it. They can be paired together or used individually on the same phone. They can also be paired separately for use on two different phones. The smart charging case allows you to charge them up to 10X on the go!
  • INTELLIGENT TOUCH-CONTROL: One touch-control button supports a lot of functions such as play/pause music, answer/hang up a call, the next/previous song, activate Siri and so on. Needn't hold the phone in your hands, very comfortable and convenient.

MINDBEAST Noise Cancelling Headphones

These wired headphones seal your ear canals completely, effectively cancelling all outside noise and providing more comfort when worn for long periods of time. They provide clear treble and bass, to get the sound as close as possible to what the musician intended. Another great feature is the remote control microphone that allows you to pause music, skip ahead to the next track or accept a phone call.

The noise cancelling technology also makes these a great accessory for loud environments. They fit securely in your ears while jogging and come with a stylish waterproof carrying case. Three additional sizes of replacement buds and a 30-day money back guarantee make these headphones a crowd pleaser.

MINDBEAST Noise Cancelling Headphones Wired Earbuds For Kids And Adults With Microphone And Case – Xbox One Headset Gaming Earbuds For Samsung Galaxy Android iPhone, Extra Bass For Sleep Sport Workout
  • EXTRA BASS HI-RES SOUND - 10MM high-fidelity dynamic driver gives an extra bass sound with less distortion. 4Hz to 40KHz high resolution certified by Sony fully expresses true music with all sound range. Top stereo experience makes it a good music and podcast headphones, Xbox one headset, PS4 gaming headset or computer headphones for kids and adults.
  • STRONG NOISE CANCELLING – Noise cancelling headphones sealing ear canals 100% can effectively blocking ambient noise or isolating unwanted sound, and the music can be heard crisp clear even when played in low volume. Noise cancelling earbuds is ideal for hearing protection in loud noise environment such as airplane cabinet, sleeping snoring sound, mowing the lawn, at work office gym school or call centers.
  • COMFY AND SECURE FIT - Extra soft earhooks are flexible for any ear shape, and 3 pairs of small, medium and large size silicon replacement earbuds tips ensure your headphones stay comfortably in place without falling out. An earphone clip is provided to keep cord tangle free and to prevent it making noise by cloth- rubbing during the workout.

Treadmill Apps

Walk On: 6 Mile Mix with Jessica Smith

A guru in the walking DVD community, Jessica Smith leads you through six “miles”, each with a different focus. She starts with a warm-up, then leads you through upper body toning with a resistance band, lower body toning, standing abdominal training, full-body toning, a speed walk and a cool down. You can mix and match the miles according to how much time you have or what you’d like to focus on.

Jessica demonstrates an intermediate level of exercise, while her mom demonstrates a modified version and her sister models the more advanced version. Jessica narrates throughout, so this might not be the best option for those who prefer having just the visual instructions with music in the background.

Virtual Walks: In the Forest

What could be more relaxing and invigorating than a walk outside? When the weather outside is less than inviting, bring the outdoors in with this virtual exploration of a picturesque forest in the Netherlands. The DVD includes three twenty minute options: a stroll on a clear, autumn day, a summertime jog and a sunny run. Each option includes nature sounds that have been recorded on site, for a fully immersive experience.

Virtual Walks - In the Forest for Indoor Walking, Treadmill and Cycling Workouts
  • FOR HEALTH CARE: Our Virtual Walks DVDs make it possible to discover the world without traveling. They stimulate the mind and create a fun, relaxing ambiance.
  • NO MORE BORING EXERCISES ON TREADMILL: but having fun the whole exercise long!
  • DOCTOR’S CHOICE: several doctors have indicated that patients recover faster when they exercise with our DVDs.

Fitness Journeys: Tropical Scenery 2

This DVD takes you on an adventure through Asian tropical rain forests. It includes four tracks that vary from about twenty to thirty minutes. Marvel at rubber trees and palm trees, venture through the jungle or jog to a rice village. Each track is accompanied by nature sounds recorded on location. The tracks will either loop automatically or you can select “play all” to enjoy each track in turn. Keep in mind that this DVD is designed for walking, running, or light cycling, not spinning or fast cycling. One user felt that the scenery didn’t seem to change as much as she had hoped, but most enjoyed the experience.

Fitness Journeys - Tropical Scenery 2, for indoor walking, treadmill and cycling workouts
  • Four different 'journeys' to choose from.
  • Ideal for use with Treadmills, Ellipticals, Stair Steppers and Exercise Bikes.
  • All tracks accompanied by natural sounds with birds and crickets recorded on location.

Treadmill Tablet Holders

MOGOCO Universal Portable Phone & Tablet Holder

Of all of the tablet holders on the market that are designed to be used with an exercise machine, this one receives the best reviews by far. It’s compatible with screens ranging from 3.5” wide to 12” wide and is designed to hold the screen horizontally. It easily secures to the 1” to 2” handlebar of your treadmill and has a 360-degree swivel bracket, so you can adjust the viewing angle.

Trackform Universal Tablet Holder

This tablet holder features a secure bar mount that easily clamps onto your treadmill. The clamp is made of Automotive Grade ABS plastic, with grooves that help it stay in place regardless of how fast you’re moving. It’s designed for tablets rather than phones, and can hold a screen with a width between 7” and 18.4”.

The company also promises excellent customer service if you have any questions about how to use the product. One user did mention that she disliked having to adjust the clamps to fit her different devices, but most users appear to be satisfied overall.

Treadmill Cleaning Kits

Lube-n-Walk Deluxe Treadmill Maintenance Kit

This kit is recommended for 125 volt treadmills that need both cleaning and lubricating. It comes with a surge protector, cleaning solution, scrub brush, applicator wand and lubricant. One perk of this brand is that it can be used for all types of machines, because they make both silicone and paraffin based lubricant. However, silicone is the default, so be sure to specify when ordering. It’s also important to note that the applicator wand works easiest with treadmills decks less than 22″ wide.

Lube-N-Walk Deluxe Treadmill Maintenance Kit Since 1998 - Patented Treadmill Lubricating System and Official Partner for Major Treadmill Manufacturers Made in USA
  • MANUFACTURERS RECOMMENDED TREADMILL LUBRICATING SYSTEM - Made in the USA since 1998, Lube-N-Walk is recommended by leading treadmill manufacturers for maintaining treadmills.
  • EASY TO USE KIT COMES WITH OUR PATENTED APPLICATOR WAND - Lube-N-Walk has a unique patented 24" applicator wand. The applicator wand makes it easy to lubricate your treadmill.
  • HELPS PREVENT COSTLY REPAIRS - Kit comes with 100% silicone. Helps prevent damage to the motor, belt, board and electronics. Unlike the squeeze bottle method, the wand releases the correct amount of lubricant.

Essential Values (3 Pack) 100% Silicone Universal Treadmill Belt Lube

At just $10.99 for a pack of three, this is by far the most affordable lubricant that you will find on Amazon. It’s easy to use, odorless and non-toxic. However, it should only be used with machines in which the manufacturer recommends silicone lubricant. In addition, a couple of reviewers noted that the containers aren’t very sturdy and to squeeze carefully when applying.

Treadmill Belt Lubricant - Odorless & Toxin-Free 100% Silicone Oil - Silicone Treadmill Lubricant - Reduces Noise & Prolongs Belt Life - Universal Treadmill Oil Belt Lube
  • UNIVERSAL TREADMILL OIL BELT LUBRICANT: Treadmill lubricant made from 100% silicone in accordance with requirements of all major treadmills manufacturers. Ensures the smooth running of the treadmill without the need to effortlessly relax/tighten and re-adjust the treadmill belt.
  • WIDE APPLICATION: Our treadmill silicone lubricant is suitable for all types of modern treadmills including Nautilus, Epic, Horizon, Landice, Life Fitness, LifeSpan, New Balance, NordicTrack, PaceMaster, Precor, ProForm, Smooth, Spirit, SportsArt, True, Vision, Confidence, Sole, Fuel, Lifestyler, Sportcraft, Star Trac, Weslo, Woodway, Stamina and Schwinn.
  • PROUDLY MADE IN USA: To us, quality is everything. That is why we have engineered, tested & manufactured our silicone treadmill lubricant right here in the USA. If you are not 100% happy with your purchase, money back guaranteed. Note: This is an aftermarket silicone lubricant oil produced by Essential Values. Essential Values has no affiliation or endorsement from any manufactures mentioned.


If you going to run on a treadmill, make sure your run is the best possible. Treadmill accessories like treadmill mats and cleaning kits will protect your investment. Headphones, tablet holders, and treadmill specific workout apps will make the run or walk more enjoyable. So before you set foot on your treadmill again, consider the benefits of these options. Your treadmill will thank you with great service for years to come.


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