Tips and Best Gear for Running in Hot Weather and Summer

Running in Hot Weather and Summer

For some, running can represent freedom and happiness. The high from the endorphin rush is hard to beat, and the silence can be indulgent. Running in hot weather and summer should not prevent this happiness so long as you are properly prepared.

Running can be painful on several levels. Your feet, your shins, and your chest are just some of the casualties, not to mention the sweat. So much sweat. As the sun beats down, it can dehydrate and create blisters from the friction.

Fortunately, there are some tips and gear to help, especially if you choose to run in the heat of summer. Running in the summer can present a special set of challenges, like chafing, the need for extra hydration and sunscreen, and the potential for overheating. You need to plan for these things to make sure you have the proper gear on hand when the time comes.

Benefits and Challenges of Running in Hot Weather and Summer

Summer running definitely has its perks. The views are certainly better, and the sun rays are hard not to enjoy. Getting in the sunlight is enough to help boost your vitamin D levels, which can help you fight things like depression.

Another benefit of running during this season is that you can dress a lot lighter. You don’t have to worry about layering clothes. Instead, you can just grab some shorts and a shirt and hit the trails.

Lastly, the roads and running surfaces are likely to be much better during the summer months. Your path is going to be clear of snow and debris, and it will be much drier. All these things can lead to a safer run. The last thing you need is a running injury that sets you back for a few weeks.

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