Pros and Cons of a Whole House Water Filter System

Whole House Water Filter

by Jordan

Whole House Water Filter

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These days we are all concerned about clean water sources, especially for drinking. Bottled water flies off the shelves of stores. Many people no longer trust the city water that comes out of the faucet at home or work. There are several options for ensuring a healthy water supply from your own faucets, including a whole-house water filter system.

It’s easy to install a single filter under your kitchen sink or on the faucet itself to treat the city water that comes through your pipes. But what about the rest of the house’s water quality? If your concerns go beyond just drinking water, a whole-house water filter system is a viable option. Whether you are involved in new construction or live in your own existing home, it is important to consider the best filtration process to protect yourself and your family’s health by supplying them with clean house water.

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What is a Whole House Water Filter System

A whole-house water filtration system is able to remove almost any type of water contaminant from every area of your home. This system is generally installed by connecting directly to the water line where it comes into the house. This line may be before or after outside spigots, so if you’re concerned about watering your garden, you may want to research how the water lines run to your house.

A whole-house water filter system is a fully integrated system. It cannot be installed and uninstalled easily. The cost of installation may or may not be included with the purchase of the system. A whole-house water filter will provide years of service with little maintenance. Once installed, little maintenance is required.

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