Rockay Razer Trail Running Socks Review

Trail running socks are a must-have for the brutal conditions of trail running. From better cushioning to anti-blister support, choosing the right sock makes a world of difference. This is where the Rockay Razer trail running socks come into play. Rockay is already known for making a great compression sock, but this article dives into how Rockay socks hold up against the rigors of the trail.

If you already want to pick up a pair of Rockay Razer’s, get them direct from Rockay here.

What’s Special about Trail Running Socks?

While some people put on the same 100% cotton socks for running, walking, and hiking, serious trail runners often invest in socks specifically designed for trail running. Trail socks need special features to stand up to the challenges of the trail.

Trail running makes your feet rock back and forth more than running on concrete, which makes blisters more likely.

Because of these conditions, breathability and sock construction are key factors to consider. Socks need to dry quickly after getting doused in rain (or after you sweat too much). They also need to compress the feet a bit so that the socks don’t bunch and form blisters.

There are many socks designed for trail running out there, so what sets Rockay apart? It’s the recycled fibers that they use to make their socks. If you’re committed to sustainability, Rockay may be a good fit.

If you’re looking at the Rockay Razer trail running socks, you need to check out their breathability and construction, as well as their cushioning, durability, and sustainability.


Trail running makes your feet rock back and forth more than running on concrete, which makes blisters more likely. A good trail running sock is tight so that it doesn’t bunch up and rub as your feet rock. Most running socks are designed to simply cushion the bottom of your feet, but trail socks consider motion in other directions too.

Good in all weather

You also can’t bail into the Starbucks on the corner of your usual inter-city run, so trail running socks need to handle more weather conditions. They should be quick-drying in rainy and snowy conditions.

High profile

Most trail socks are tall enough that they cover half of your calves. This length helps protect your ankles from plants and rocks that you might encounter on trail runs. Unlike a smooth sidewalk, a trail can snag you with brambles or poison oak. A good trail sock is high enough to protect you a bit (and tight enough that it doesn’t slide down after a few miles.)

Rockay Razer in Red

More cushioning

Trail running means more encounters with rocky terrain. Rocks underfoot can put a damper on your run if you don’t have adequate padding in your socks and shoes. A good trail sock will have enough cushioning to protect your feet no matter what you accidentally step on.

What Makes Rockay Razer Trail Running Socks Different?

100% Recycled Materials

If you’re focused on sustainability, Rockay has more good news about their recycled socks. Not only are all the fibers recycled, but the nylon is also created from plastic waste. Rockay’s partner Econyl harvests this waste from the ocean, and Rockay turns it into performance apparel. Their website says that every pair of socks removes 13 bottles worth of plastic trash from the ocean.

The other fabrics used in the socks (elastane and polyamide) are also recycled. Rockay is one of few brands to offer 100% recycled socks. Yet the socks still seem like performance apparel.

Seamless Toes

Limiting the number of seams can also help your feet stay happy. Seams can rub and cause blisters. Rockay’s trail socks are designed with no seams on the toes. A lot of socks have seams across the tip of the toes, and if your toes are tender, you can avoid that with Rockay’s Razer socks.

Performance Cushioning

Rockay has three levels of cushion – ultralight, performance, and max. The Rockay Razer trail running socks are sold in performance and max cushion only because trail runners generally like well-padded socks. Better to step on a rock with padded feet. Those ultralight ones are for the track. Like running shoes, you may prefer a little more or a little cushion. Choose the version that is right for you.

On the main Rockay sock page, the Lime color is the max cushion, and the Red color is the performance cushion. However, there are other colors available for each, even a demure white and gray if you prefer less exciting colors.

If you like a bit of cushion, you should probably go for the Lime green ones that are labeled “max.” Some customers reported that the performance cushion could use more padding.

Note that these socks are padded on the bottom of the socks and the heel. Some runners prefer a bit more padding up front (by the toes) than these socks seem to offer.

Reflective Logo

A good running sock can also help you be seen at night. Since trail runners are not always on the sidewalk or in designated areas, a reflective logo can make a big difference. Rockay has a small logo on the back of the calf. Cars or bikes sneaking up behind you should be able to see the glimmer on your calves as you run.

Get Ready to Hit the Trails

Breathable Mesh Zones

Breathable socks let your feet sweat and cool. Locking in moisture also leads to blisters, so it should be avoided. Typically when thinking about breathable socks, people think of wool. This material stays warm while wet and lets your feet breathe.

However, new materials can offer breathability while avoiding the nastier aspects of wool (itching, anyone?) Rockay makes its socks out of 100% recycled materials. These replicate common tech-fabric components like nylon and elastane. Most performance socks are made out of similar materials, though Rockay is one of few that uses recycled materials.

Not all tech fabrics breathe well, but Rockay’s customers generally report that these recycled socks stayed dry but let their feet breathe.

Arch Support

Rockay’s socks are designed with arch support. Most running shoes come with arch support to help your feet avoid injury. However, this support wears down over time. Socks with arch support may help you continue avoiding injuries like plantar fasciitis until you invest in a new pair of running shoes.

Anti-Odor Coating

With the anti-odor coating, your Rockay Razer trail running socks should require fewer trips to the washing machine. This approach saves water through less washing and makes it less likely that your stinky socks accidentally end up in the dryer.

Anti-Blister Construction

When running trails, sock construction can mean the difference between happy feet and bloody spots. Trail socks should be tight so that they don’t slip and bunch up. Folded bits of sock generally equal blisters after a few miles. Good trail socks are usually also compression socks.

Rockay Lifetime Guarantee

Rockay socks are designed to last. The company is committed to sustainability, and throwing out socks with holes does not jive with their mission.

Customers have beat up these socks pretty thoroughly. One reports that they are his go-to socks for a 50-mile ultramarathon. People have used them for 5Ks, cycling, and marathon training.

If you manage to make a hole in one of yours, you can send them back for a new pair! Rockay has a lifetime guarantee on its socks.


Each material in Rockay’s socks is recycled. The breakdown is as follows: 51% Econyl Regenerated Nylon, 45% Recycled Polyamide, and 4% Recycled Elastane. More than half of the sock is made from plastic plucked from the ocean and made into fibers by Rockay’s partner Econyl.

Rockay Razer Trail Running Socks Pros and Cons

Decent for preventing blisters but tight

Customers report that the Rockay socks do a good job staying in place, which helps protect against both blisters and trail hazards.

One customer reported running up to 18 miles with no blisters. But another said she finished a 5K with a blister.

The compressive effect of the socks might account for these differing experiences. Compression socks can feel smaller and tighter. If you’re used to cotton socks, the “large” size might not actually feel large enough to you. Maybe move up a size if you’re not used to compressive socks yet.

New materials but protected by a guarantee

Everyone hates to get holes in their socks. But for runners, it’s even worse because it can cause injury. Holes can make blisters. Therefore, socks need to stand up to the challenge of a long run. New materials like recycled nylon are not as well tested as more common materials.

However, Rockay has a lifetime guarantee, so you can get new socks to replace your damaged ones. No one should have to run with holes in their socks.

Not stinky but attract dirt

The anti-odor coating seems to work. Some customers reported their socks smelling “like new” after the first run. You can wear them more than once before washing them.

One odd side effect that one customer noticed is that these socks tend to attract dust, so wear them out running instead of as replacements for your slippers.

More sustainable than competitors but expensive

While there are other sustainable sock brands, Rockay sets itself apart with its level of performance. You can find sustainable and organic cotton socks from competitors, but they may not hold up as well to the rigors of trail running.

Of course, you do pay for performance. The Rockay Razer trail running socks are on the more expensive side per pair but well worth the investment to keep your feet happy on the trails.

Where to Buy Rockay Razer Trail Running Socks

Rockay has an easy-to-navigate website where you can order them directly by browsing the Trail Running Category.

Rockay Razer
Rockay Razer in Lime: Max Cushioning

Beyond the top-rated compression socks, Rockay has an impressive, sustainably created apparel line so you can feel good while feeling good and looking good!


If you are serious about trail running, take care of your feet. Leave the blisters and pain at home with the Rockay Razer. Rockay products are a favorite of My Top Fitness as the compression socks, and sustainable gear are a staple for our running and feeling good about the impact on the environment. Whether you use Rockay or not, hope you have a great and safe time on the trails!


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