Top 11 Best Lights for Running at Night

Perhaps you have a job or responsibilities that consist of odd hours, and for you to get a run in it will have to occur at night or early in the morning. You might also need to avoid the extreme heat of the day or have enough time to complete your long slow distance run. In these instances, obtaining some lights for running are an ideal buy as a safety measure.

Running early in the morning or at night is very dangerous since drivers may not see you and you are not be able to see everything else either. Beyond cars and traffic, tripping and falling is an additional risk, especially when trail running.

Benefits of Running Lights

Running headlamps or running flashlights can make a quick uncertain or an alarming run into a much more safeguarded assurance for preventing an accident. Whether you prefer to carry it with you, on your head or attached to your hand or arm, there are an assortment of products to fit every runner’s style and need.

If you are a runner that strictly goes in the daytime or you only run at the gym, then this is not necessarily for you. Although, if there are times where a nighttime run would greatly benefit you or you only run when the sun is still rising or setting, then purchasing a light for those times is what you need.

The most crucial factor before buying this type of product is assessing where on your body the light would be. Even more so, if money is no object, than you do not need to worry how much it is. For most people, having a budget or a maximum amount surrendered for this piece of equipment might come up in which piece to purchase.

There are so many different lights for running it is hard to count them all, but there are about six main effective and overall quintessential types.

Running Light Types and Styles


Headlamps can be a runner’s favorite type since they are strapped on top of the head and portray the light where the runner is going.


  • Hands Free
  • Light moves with head
  • Runner sees what is in front of them


  • If approaching from behind, may not see the wearer
  • Light can jolt with steps and force
  • Light is not long distance

Handheld Flashlights

Classic and used by more than runners, handheld flashlights are always an important thing to have around the house in any emergency.


  • Cheaper
  • Runner can see more of what is directly in front of them
  • Extremely mobile if needing to look at something in a quick moment


  • Not always hands free
  • Only points one direction at a time
  • Smaller light for others to see

Chest Lights

Vests that sit on the body are designed specifically for those that need to be seen no matter what the activity at every angle


  • Hands free
  • Others to see from front and back
  • Multiple flashing modes and colors


  • May not be comfortable for everyone
  • Pricey
  • Cannot see far in front of the wearer

Shoe Lights

A light that can be attached to the shoes so that it truly shows where your feet are landing can be an advantage for a runner in an uneven terrain.


  • Detailed light on footing area
  • Hands free
  • Impact resistant


  • Others may not see from behind
  • Does not have visibility for eye level
  • Can come off of shoe during run

Arm Bands

Arm bands are not just used by runners, but emergency personnel and others that may be needing to be seen in a low visibility area or darker time of day.


  • Hands free
  • Multiple colors
  • Wear multiple units to be seen more
  • Can be seen from behind


  • Cannot point light in a specific direction
  • Smaller light discharge
  • Some do not hold Mp3 devices

Knuckle Lights

The smallest and lightest lights that strap to the outermost part of your hand are the knuckle lights.


  • Hands free
  • Lightweight
  • Quick and easy to put on


  • Some products only run on batteries
  • Smaller amount of light
  • Can be awkward or uncomfortable

Top Rated Running Lights

For the top rated and highest customer satisfaction these are the 11 that made the list for best lights for running.

1. Black Diamond Spot Headlamp

This headlamp has a durable and semi-waterproof design, so any activity can be easily accomplished while using it including going for run when in the dark. The product has multiple lighting modes for a multi-use device. This way, the light can be used as a larger scope light and something more up close like reading or cooking.

This is one of the cheaper and higher rated headlamps on the market. The light has a wide enough breadth that you can still run a moderate trail even in the dark. The overall comfort level of this headlamp is high and a very secure model.

There is a yellow spot that is centered in the middle of the light, so it is almost distracting to some runners. The battery compartment is not waterproof, so to prevent corrosion you will have to take the batteries out to dry.

2. Cobiz Brightest 6000 Lumen CREE LED Work Headlight

One of the top sellers currently for running headlamps has one of the brightest lights available. An extra strap over the head so that the fit is secure. Completely waterproof so going for a run even the rain will not damage any of the equipment.

Has a rechargeable cord so no batteries are needed. The straps can be small enough for a child and large enough to fit over a helmet, so all movement can be exercised. The lights are exceedingly bright so even in the lowest visibility and darkest times, it still shows the trails and roads.

There seems to be a smell when it is first opened which does bother some people. Charging and recharging the device can take a bit of time for uses.

3. Nathan Zephyr Fire 100 Hand Torch

Running flashlights are perfect for those that want more control for their lighting. This flashlight will brighten up any path. With an adjustable strap so that it can become hands free and an LED light on the back, so you can be seen from many angles.

Extremely light in weight so not cumbersome when in use. Is rechargeable so no need to buy batteries.

Has a lower burn time for the product and for some people, it can feel a bit cumbersome.

4. Tracer 360

For a fantastic vest that will allow you to be seen by everyone, the Tracer 360 is a perfect fit. You can be seen from all angles for the best safety precaution. Lightweight and hands free this will allow all wearers to have a fun and great run without many issues.

Extremely bright and comes in six assorted colors. Adjustable, expandable and breathable this gives more freedom to wear in all times of the year despite the excess of clothing in colder weather.

This is not a waterproof item so cleaning it from sweat can be a little tricky. The chest strap is near the diaphragm, leading to tightening in the chest if straps are not fitted correctly.

5. Atlecko 360

For a cheaper option of chest lights, this specific product has been still valued high. This weatherproof vest gives lighting up the streets a new name. Designed to be lightweight, so it does not feel like you are wearing anything.

Waterproof for all the weather. It is a one size fits all, so the straps can be moved around a lot.

Runs on batteries. Depending on the shoulder width, may need a home fix to cinch the back ties together so it does not fall off.

6. ReflecToes

If you are running at night, but the street is lit, and you just need a small precaution, the shoe light clips may be the best choice. Included are clips for wrists and shoes so that during dawn or dusk people can still recognize that you are a person and just a random light. Each is less than ounce so feels almost weightless.

They have clips that enable the lights to be put on more than just shoes. These are one of the lowest cost lights for safety. Can withstand to get wet.

They run on a shorter battery life than others.

7. SLDHR LED Shoe Clips

These shoe lights fit around the runner’s shoes which means they do not rub against any skin. They also have different settings, so you can choose the speed of the light necessary on how dark it is.

They fit snugly around shoes, so it can be a hands-free device. These also come with a wrist option if the buyer would like.

The light may be very bright, but it is not an overwhelmingly large one. Since these are built to be around the shoe, some may find the shoe clips to be a bit snug for their feet.

8. BSeen LED Armband

This particular armband is actually a slap band. Ergo, is automatically contorts to your arm width. It is a 360-degree visualization for people to see you on your run in an ill-lighted area.

They fit any age of runner even small children. The armbands are relatively small, so they are easy to transport if going somewhere else for a run. Because of the material and how it conforms, they can even be used on your legs if you want.

Unfortunately, if they run out of battery they are not reflective to help. If the weather happens to call for a sweater or warmer clothing, the armbands may not stay around the baggier clothing.

9. Glovion LED Armband

This armband is held in place with a durable yet stretched band. This product is perfect for needing to be seen in a lack of high visibility areas especially at night.

It has a rechargeable battery that can be plugged into an USB enabled charge. It has three different light settings. The strap is fairly long, so it can wrap around most people’s arms.

It does not have the capability of being the brightest but does illuminate enough. Takes a little longer to get a full charge.

10. Knuckle Lights Colors

These lightweight and simple lights clip over the knuckles for a much easier and brighter run. Coming in assorted colors and the light gives off an impressive “no bounce” effect.

The method so that there is “no bounce” is the light is much wider than most. This makes running safer for the user. These are perfect for any weather and completely waterproof no matter when you are taking your run.

These are one of the more priciest lights for purchase. Even though the light is more even, it is not as bright as it could be.

11. Knuckle Lights Advanced

These are the more updated version for knuckle light wearers. These are the highest rated for this specific product available currently.

They come in a set instead of just the normal one and are charged via docking station, so no batteries are required. With an extra wide flood beam there is more visibility on your route, you have a clearer sense of your surroundings. Additionally, they are completely waterproof.

Knuckle Lights are a pricey option compared to other running lights.

Of course, there are places all over the internet with more information and feedback concerning these products than just one site. Likewise, there are more examples of positive reviews that prove these are the top rated, sellers, and wanted commodity for runners who need to feel safe as they go. You always want to make sure that you are getting the most bang for your buck.

Knuckle Lights Advanced:

Nathan Zephyr Fire:


No matter how fit you are, if you want to go running and have a tight schedule that may mean going for a run in the dark, there is no reason that you should have to worry about drivers or elements to ruin that for you. Therefore, researching and evaluating which item might suit your needs is the best solution to make sure that you are not sacrificing your health and happiness because of what color the sky is.

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